Brooklyn Maternity

Ahh - I am so excited for these two!! Just in case you don’t remember, Ethan is my cousin (the dad to be) which makes Brooklyn fam too!! These two are expecting a little boy come July. If he is anything like Ethan, he’ll be a trouble maker for sure - haha! One thing is for sure, they will be fabulous parents!

I’ve gotten to style Brooklyn now for several important events, this just adds to the list! I’m so glad she trusts me plus it’s always nice just to catch up and chat with her while she’s in the chair! We did beachy wave curls for a simple look and a very natural face! We added some lashes for that extra somethin’ and a perfect bronzy glow from the tartelette pro glow palette!

Photos by Jenn Klamm Photography


B mater1.jpg
B mater.jpg
B mater 3.jpg
b mater3.jpg

Just Sayin’ hi!

Hi! Most of you have been around for a while but there’s LOTS of newbies around here so I wanted to introduce myself again! 


So hello! I’m Emily with Magdalena Styles. I do hair and makeup styling for any event you can think of! Weddings, BARE shoots, proms, head shots; seriously anything you can think of, I’m here for ya!  I’ve been styling for nearly 4 years now, which sounds SO crazy!!! I get asked all the time, how did you get started? Believe or not, my neighbor (the fabulous photog, Kelley of Kelley Photo & Design) basically said, you should come style for a bare day and ever since then, it’s just worked! Which I will forever be thankful for {and for friends that push you to do the things you’re scared to}. I don’t Style full time, I do work full time at a job that I really love. I’ve been married now for going on 7 years, he’s a lucky guy ;) haha. . I also have a daughter, who is literally the sunshine in my life. She’s got quite the little personality on her & the prettiest red hair you ever did see! I was also blessed with two step sons that are sweet as pie and have shown me a whole other kind of love. We live in a little town in KC and are currently remodeling our home! My family and friends mean the world to me. I’m lucky to have such an amazing core group who are supportive and love me for who I am. A couple things that I love to do outside of hanging with family and friends & styling; spend time outside, travel (this has become a priority for me), shop (for anything & anyone), EAT (I will try basically anything once, unless it’s spicy - I have a VERY low tolerance for spice, like some ketchup’s are too much!). My favorite foods include, mexican, lasagna/baked ziti & my mommas chicken salad. I’m a sweets girl {No shame in my thick thigh game}, I’ll go straight for desert every time, french silk pie & SiS Sweets cookies are my FAV!!! Overall I’d like to think I’m a pretty simple gal. I’m down for whatever, whenever!


I share content that I like to see; beauty, fashion, life hacks, mom stuff, house stuff etc. Basically anything I believe in, anything I think is worth the buy/try. If there’s ever anything you’d like to see more of from me, let me know!! 

Anyway, that’s just a quick snap shot of me. Glad you’re here!! 

XOXO - Emily 

Meghan Wedding

I’ve got to get caught up on ALL my pretty brides from the last couple of months!

Meet Meghan! I got to hang with Meghan multiple times; once at her engagement pics and again on wedding day!! Doesn’t she look flawless? She doesn’t wear much makeup on the daily so we went with a very subtle, natural look! All of her bridesmaids just glowed! I used peach & pink hughed highlight which paired perfectly with their dress colors. This group of ladies was so much fun!

Meghan - thank you for letting me be part of your day! You & Brett had a gorgeous day for a wedding and he had an even better looking bride!! XOXO



2018 - It went by so FAST! 2018 was my best year yet; I styled over a 150 faces!! I can’t even begin to tell you how happy that makes me. That girls trust me to make them feel beautiful, no matter the occasion! To look back and be able to say I completed several of my goals when it came to styling, also just makes me totally giddy! I’ve compiled a new list for this year and I’m ready to crush those goals too!!

I’m ready to take on 2019. I’m already booked up for weddings in the months of July & September and only one date left for October! The year is filling up quickly!!

Here’s a quick snap shot of just SOME of the gorgeous brides I got the pleasure of styling in 2018!!

Megan + Girls.jpg

Amy Wedding

So this girl is SO FREAKIN’ sweet. I can only hope I get to spend more time with her in the future! I met Amy when I did her bestie’s {Sam, who is also adorable and sweet} wedding! Amy booked me right after Sam’s trial for her wedding. My heart grows with every referral, it’s the best compliment ever. So I’ve gotten to know these gals pretty well!! They’re both SO gorgeous & just the easiest to style. Take a look at what Amy had to say about her style… literally this brought me to tears!

When my best friend was planning her wedding, we came across Emily while searching for someone to do hair/makeup. We both loved her blog and the looks she had done on other clients. I booked Emily for my own wedding while she was doing my makeup for my best friends wedding. I just love Emily’s energy and she has the most welcoming smile. I was lucky enough that she was open the weekend of my wedding in October! I recommend booking her as soon as you realize how amazing she is - she books fast! I couldn’t have been more pleased with my makeup every time she has done it. Specifically on my wedding day, my makeup looked flawless. My husband even commented my highlight while we were taking pictures. He said, “Your cheekbones are just glowing!” 
Emily is quick, talented, sweet, hilarious, and so easy to get along with. You better contact her ASAP to style you for your event! - AMY”

Amy - THANK YOU for choosing me and letting me be part of your fabulous day! You looked sooo pretty. Can’t wait till the next time!


The Hodge Fam

I feel like I need to say it again; I LOVE getting to style my friends!! We get to hang out all while getting them ready for their special occasions!! This is the Hodge family. Lyndsay and I’s littles have been friends since Kindergarten and we quickly bonded since we were both “real school” newbies. Since then, she has become one of my closest friends! I got to do her’s and her girls hair & make-up for family pics. Family pics can sometimes be a little stressful (moms, i know you feel me!!) so what better way to relax a little than to not have to get yourself ready!! Doesn’t Lyndsay look friggin’ beautiful??? You know what else, she looks so happy!! Which in turn makes me SO happy! :)

Side note: Lyndsay run’s a little (well, it’s growing to be a not so little) etsy shop with the cutest earrings and home decor! More details to come about this on my lifestyle tab!!


Ashley + Bump

Sooo this way past due. I was searching through pictures {trying to pick some of my favs for studio wall hangings} & I literally stopped and was like DID I NEVER POST THESE!? I'm losing it. These more than need to be showed off. The beautiful little girl Ashley is carrying has since made her arrival. She's the cutest little thing but how gorg is her momma?! 

Ashley, thank you for letting be a part of your special moments. This was the 3rd time styling Ashley and she's just so fun to be around!! I love when clients are friends too! Also, can I just mention how much hair envy I have?! gah, she's just so dang pretty!! 

ashley M.jpg
ashley M2.jpg
ashley M1.jpg

Brides! Brides! Brides!

I have had 5 weeks off of wedding styling. I have started a crazy busy fall/winter season. I am so excited to jump back in!

I wanted to show y'all some of my gorgeous brides because booking for 2019 has already started!! So to those of you that are new here - HELLO THERE! I do hair and make-up styling for any event. This fall means LOTS of weddings, family picture styling and seniors but I'm also available for any event in between! Having a stylist as a part of your days can really lesson the stress of getting ready, plus it just gives you an extra boost when in front of the camera. I'd love to be part of your special memories!

 This fall is also bringing a SUPER exciting time as I will have my own studio space with  Kelley Photo & Design. Kelley and her husband have been working hard to make the space a reality, I'm so happy to be part of their dream team! I'll be sharing an update on the studio happenings sooon! Till then, enjoy some pretty faces & gorgeous styles. 

Taylor's Wedding

Would you look at this bride!? Such a pretty little thing! Her wedding was right here in Tongie, so I didn't have to go far for styling (yes I come to you and I'll go as far as need be! Hint: destination weddings are cool - lol). This group of girls just kept me laughing the entire time. It's always kind of daunting when you know a big group of girls, but you don't really know, know them. I knew almost everyone there through FB and social media but it's not like we've hung out or anything - till now! It was a beautiful morning for a wedding. I did all make-up you see here :)  Aren't these just some of the prettiest girls?! 

Taylor- you were an amazing bride. Thank you for having me, you had such a fun wedding party! I loved being a part of it! 

 pics from Nicole Renne Photography 

TJ wed.jpg
TJ wed1.jpg

Hansen FamBam

These are some of my favorite humans.


Their love story is amazing. I feel only it’s appropriate for me to brag on it because relationships like theirs are rare. They’ve been together since high school! They have literally built their love from the ground up. Not only is their marriage something to be proud of/envious of but so is their life. They’ve accomplished so much and because of those accomplishments they’re being moved to Texas to start a whole new chapter. I’m not going to lie, the news hit hard. Not just for me but for my husband, who’s great friends with Graden but also for my little girl. They’re such a big piece of our hearts. Trips to TX will be a must and they’ll come home for the “A list” things. I feel so lucky to call them friends.

I was able to style Tiffany for the first time for their updated family pics before they head South; doesn’t she look beautiful??? That hair, I'm so jealous. I used a wand for quick, easy curls. We went with a more natural look for make-up just evened her skin tone and gave her a pretty glow! Their entire wardrobe came from my husband and I's closet! Plan B worked out pretty well when plan A failed - hahah! Family pictures can’t go smoothly, that’d be asking too much! 

Naturally, Kelley did wonderful in taking their pics. Had to share them!


A Family Wedding

I've been looking forward to sharing these faces for a while!!! This wedding weekend was a HOT one but every single one of these girls were troopers and looked amazing!! The make-up and hair (bridesmaids hair not by me) both held on all night {thank ya jesus & setting spray}. 

Brooklyn married into my family by marrying my cousin Ethan; although she has been family for yearrsss! I was so honored to get to play such a big part in the day!! We danced, sang, laughed and styled all morning. Then I rushed off to get the flower girl (my daughter) & myself wedding ready! It was such a fun, sweaty day but I think everyone agrees, we'd repeat it in a heartbeat! 

Congrats Brooklyn and Ethan on your special day. Brooklyn you were the most stunning bride, everything that the best man said about you is absolutely true. We are blessed to have you in the family! Ethan, you got to marry your best friend and soulmate. I'm not sure I could have hand picked anyone better to suite you. I am just so happy for you both & love you both dearly!! 

Take a look at these beautiful gals! Professional pics courtesy of Jen Klamm Photography.


Her hair curled perfectly & laid beautifully in her low up-do, Loved it! Isn't the groom a stud?? Good lookin' couple!


My moms side of the family - love this updated pic of all of us! 

Don't these gals look great!? The heat could've cooked an egg but their make-up stayed in place. Love the mauvey lip colors and bold eyes we did!


Here's to happily ever after. Love you guys!

Summer Lovin'


I got the text with this link yesterday and opened it but never came back to it to look through the pics. Do you do that often? Open something and forget to come back to it?? I find myself doing that more and more. After looking through these, I was a little misty eyed. I've known these two wonderful humans for a loooong time. I grew up with Eric and watched him fall in love with Kimmy Jean. When we all found out they were going to have a baby, we all knew it would be somethin' special. Getting to style Kimmy for her maternity shoot was just icing on the cake; I so enjoy getting to style my friends + family. I love it even more when they love how they look! Both Eric and Kimmy are already so fond of a little love they don't even know yet; you can just see it. Plus can we talk about those curls?! The perfect loose curls! Plus her eye choice of matte browns and a glowy highlight was gorgeous! Check them out!




Pretty Girls!

Ahh, I'm sorrryyy - life has been crazy!! In a great way!! I haven't shared much over here but my IG is up to date so be sure you're following along there!! Magdalena Styless  - I share all kinds of things over there! 

Here's some pretty faces as of late! I'll share some hair styles tomorrow! :)  these are just a FEW of the girls that I haven't gotten the pleasure of working with over the last couple of weeks! I'll be sharing more soooon!! 


Prom Gals 2018

It's PROM season! The next couple weekends are filled with weddings in the morning and then prom girls in the afternoon! Whew, what better way to stay busy than with pretty gals celebrating fun stuff?! 

Take a look at Tongie prom girls styles! 

Thank you for coming to see me ladies!! I LOVE prom days!!! You all looked amazing! There's more prom styles to come, so be on the look out!  

Courtwarming Season

Hey Babes -- it's been a while. A long while. 

I have a couple styles to share with you but before getting into all of that. I have been slightly absent in my blogging. Partly because I haven't been making time for it (honesty), and mostly because I have no idea where I want to go with my blog. What do YOU want to see more of? Only styles? Lifestyle? What I'm wearing/products/videos tutorials? SHARE - Tell me what you want to see / what you enjoy getting out of the blogs you read. You're busy too, I want you to want to read what's posted here. There's SO many avenues. Forgive me while I sort out where I want this to go. 

Pretty faces are something you can ALWAYS count on seeing here - lots of pretty faces. This court warming season is over; boo. For some of my regular girls this means we only have ONE more dance together as they graduate this spring - tear. Can't wait for Prom season - it'll be a FULL day, but so much fun! This years trend; volume curls & a little more subtle eyes with a killer contour & glow! 

2017 Weddings

2017 is coming to a close and 2018 booking season is upon us! I have been so fortunate to style some of the best brides in KC! I get some of the prettiest and sweetest gals! I love it! Thank you all so much for letting be part of your big days! I can't wait to see what 2018 holds. I have a handful dates left but they're going fast. I have show cased some of my brides below, so if you're thinking about booking - here's a quick look!

There's a mix of professional pics and my iPhone pics - so you can see how everything photographs.

Photo by the sweet : Ashley Mizell Photography  ... Hair and Make-up by me!

Photo by the sweet : Ashley Mizell Photography  ... Hair and Make-up by me!

Photo by Ashley Mizell.... Hair and Make-up by me

Photo by Ashley Mizell.... Hair and Make-up by me

photo by the fab Nicole Renee -- hair and makeup by me

photo by the fab Nicole Renee -- hair and makeup by me

Photo by Nicole Renee -- hair and makeup by me

Photo by Nicole Renee -- hair and makeup by me

photo by Nicole Renee -- Makeup only by me

photo by Nicole Renee -- Makeup only by me

makeup only by me

makeup only by me

makeup only by me

makeup only by me

Hair and makeup by me

Hair and makeup by me

Makeup and hair by me

Makeup and hair by me

Makeup only by me

Makeup only by me

Makeup only by me

Makeup only by me

makeup and hair by me

makeup and hair by me

makeup and hair by me

makeup and hair by me

Giveaway Day Number 14&15: Magdalena Styles + Kelley Photo & Design

Alright ladies -- it's the last of the giveaways and a double feature!! Thank you to everyone who has participated thus far -- it's been great!!   

Kelley Photo & Design and myself are teaming up to bring you day 14 & 15 .... you get to be pampered with a HAIR AND MAKEUP style from me then spend some time with Kelley Photo in a Boudoir Mini session!!!!  These photos are a must for every single lady, you deserve to see how gorgeous you are. These photos will make you feel so glamorous. You can do it for yourself and keep them or they make wonderful gifts for that special someone if your life! 


Kelley is a FABULOUS photog. I literally cannot say enough good things about her. Not only is she a great photographer, she's an even better person. Her personality just shines and you can't help but feel comfortable around her. So I promise, any reservations you're having, put them aside. You'll feel like a million bucks with Kelley.  


I feel weird going on about myself (insert shrugging shoulder emoji) buuutt you do get me too! Having a stylist for photos is SO important plus it really does add on to the whole funness (Is that a word? No? Oh well) of the photo shoot! 

All you have to do to be entered is FOLLOW ME ON IG, FOLLOW KELLEYPHOTO ON IG, and tag 2 friends in the IG post!! This giveaway winner will be announced Christmas Day!!! So there is 2 days to get in all the tags, shares and re-posts you want!! Every one you do, gets you extra enteries! 


Wanna see what were talking about?? Look at these ladies. You don't have to get naked (I mean you totally can) but you can also just be cute and sexy and confident!! All of these were takin by Kelley and styled by Me :) 



Giveaway Day Numba: 13 Lashes By Alex

Ladies, were coming towards the end of the giveaways. I hope you've enjoyed this as much as I have! 


I had been going to Alex for a year now for my lash exstentions. I recently did make a change because of the drive (it was an hour for me- waaahh!), however I still love her dearly and HIGHLY recommend her for your lashes. She also does other types of lash enhancements and today's giveaway is one of them! The lash lifts take your natural lashes (which are naturally pretty straight) and lifts them to give you volume and curl on their own! If I ever let go of my extensions, this will be on my list of things to do! She is getting ready to start mircoblading brows too!! EEEE!!! I CANT WAIT. I'm going in January to have mine done so I'll be sure to report!! 

Giveaway day 13 brings you a Lash Lift from Lashes By Alex!! The results are amazing, check out the photos below!   All you have to do to be entered is FOLLOW ME ON IG, FOLLOW LASHES BY ALEX ON IG, TAG TWO FRIENDS ON THE IG POST! 

Here's a video explaining how it works:



Giveaway Day Numba 12: First Response Massage

ahhhh....   I can feel my stress fading away.


First Response Massage is located in Tonganoxie, right off 24/40. First Response is kind of new o town all though their massage therapists are very seasoned!! I have gotten one massage with them & CANT WAIT TO BACK. The massage I received felt so. dang. good, deep tissue (I've seen over 100+ faces this year, deep tissue was a must!) full body massage. If you don't get them or haven't event ever gotten a massage, it's a great way to treat yo self. Book it. Now. Plus their pricing is beyond fair for the quality!   First Response also does all kinds of discounts and deals for anyone in the public service (police, fireman, ambulance  etc). Anyone who is active duty/reserves/retired service also receives a much deserved discount.

Day number 12 brings you an hour massage from First Response!! I'm tellin you, the detoxing and "new you feel" you get from a massage is hard to beat. Their staff is kind, the place is clean and they use essential oils so it smells amazing too! All you have to do to be entered to win are these THREE THINGS:  FOLLOW ME ON IG, FOLLOW FIRST RESPONSE ON FACEBOOK, TAG TWO FRIENDS IN THE IG POST. Extra entries for sharing this blog post, liking my FB page and sharing the first response massage page.


they can now do couples massages!!