Hansen FamBam

These are some of my favorite humans.


Their love story is amazing. I feel only it’s appropriate for me to brag on it because relationships like theirs are rare. They’ve been together since high school! They have literally built their love from the ground up. Not only is their marriage something to be proud of/envious of but so is their life. They’ve accomplished so much and because of those accomplishments they’re being moved to Texas to start a whole new chapter. I’m not going to lie, the news hit hard. Not just for me but for my husband, who’s great friends with Graden but also for my little girl. They’re such a big piece of our hearts. Trips to TX will be a must and they’ll come home for the “A list” things. I feel so lucky to call them friends.

I was able to style Tiffany for the first time for their updated family pics before they head South; doesn’t she look beautiful??? That hair, I'm so jealous. I used a wand for quick, easy curls. We went with a more natural look for make-up just evened her skin tone and gave her a pretty glow! Their entire wardrobe came from my husband and I's closet! Plan B worked out pretty well when plan A failed - hahah! Family pictures can’t go smoothly, that’d be asking too much! 

Naturally, Kelley did wonderful in taking their pics. Had to share them!