Brides! Brides! Brides!

I have had 5 weeks off of wedding styling. I have started a crazy busy fall/winter season. I am so excited to jump back in!

I wanted to show y'all some of my gorgeous brides because booking for 2019 has already started!! So to those of you that are new here - HELLO THERE! I do hair and make-up styling for any event. This fall means LOTS of weddings, family picture styling and seniors but I'm also available for any event in between! Having a stylist as a part of your days can really lesson the stress of getting ready, plus it just gives you an extra boost when in front of the camera. I'd love to be part of your special memories!

 This fall is also bringing a SUPER exciting time as I will have my own studio space with  Kelley Photo & Design. Kelley and her husband have been working hard to make the space a reality, I'm so happy to be part of their dream team! I'll be sharing an update on the studio happenings sooon! Till then, enjoy some pretty faces & gorgeous styles.