Taylor's Wedding

Would you look at this bride!? Such a pretty little thing! Her wedding was right here in Tongie, so I didn't have to go far for styling (yes I come to you and I'll go as far as need be! Hint: destination weddings are cool - lol). This group of girls just kept me laughing the entire time. It's always kind of daunting when you know a big group of girls, but you don't really know, know them. I knew almost everyone there through FB and social media but it's not like we've hung out or anything - till now! It was a beautiful morning for a wedding. I did all make-up you see here :)  Aren't these just some of the prettiest girls?! 

Taylor- you were an amazing bride. Thank you for having me, you had such a fun wedding party! I loved being a part of it! 

 pics from Nicole Renne Photography 

TJ wed.jpg
TJ wed1.jpg