Just Sayin’ hi!

Hi! Most of you have been around for a while but there’s LOTS of newbies around here so I wanted to introduce myself again! 


So hello! I’m Emily with Magdalena Styles. I do hair and makeup styling for any event you can think of! Weddings, BARE shoots, proms, head shots; seriously anything you can think of, I’m here for ya!  I’ve been styling for nearly 4 years now, which sounds SO crazy!!! I get asked all the time, how did you get started? Believe or not, my neighbor (the fabulous photog, Kelley of Kelley Photo & Design) basically said, you should come style for a bare day and ever since then, it’s just worked! Which I will forever be thankful for {and for friends that push you to do the things you’re scared to}. I don’t Style full time, I do work full time at a job that I really love. I’ve been married now for going on 7 years, he’s a lucky guy ;) haha. . I also have a daughter, who is literally the sunshine in my life. She’s got quite the little personality on her & the prettiest red hair you ever did see! I was also blessed with two step sons that are sweet as pie and have shown me a whole other kind of love. We live in a little town in KC and are currently remodeling our home! My family and friends mean the world to me. I’m lucky to have such an amazing core group who are supportive and love me for who I am. A couple things that I love to do outside of hanging with family and friends & styling; spend time outside, travel (this has become a priority for me), shop (for anything & anyone), EAT (I will try basically anything once, unless it’s spicy - I have a VERY low tolerance for spice, like some ketchup’s are too much!). My favorite foods include, mexican, lasagna/baked ziti & my mommas chicken salad. I’m a sweets girl {No shame in my thick thigh game}, I’ll go straight for desert every time, french silk pie & SiS Sweets cookies are my FAV!!! Overall I’d like to think I’m a pretty simple gal. I’m down for whatever, whenever!


I share content that I like to see; beauty, fashion, life hacks, mom stuff, house stuff etc. Basically anything I believe in, anything I think is worth the buy/try. If there’s ever anything you’d like to see more of from me, let me know!! 

Anyway, that’s just a quick snap shot of me. Glad you’re here!! 

XOXO - Emily