Quick and Easy Skin Routine

Let's talk skin care. We don't always have the time to do the 10 step skin care routine that we "should" be doing. Right?? I know I don't. My mornings are crazy town, I know only have one kid but we both have to get out the door dressed, presentable and on time. By the time night rolls around, all I want to do is take off my make-up (and more importantly my bra) and slip into comfy clothes. Sometime in the near future, I need to add a workout routine to my nightly schedule but that's for a different chat. When it comes to skin care, I could do more, I think we all could but my point is  - who has the time?! Forget about the time, lets talk about the price tag. Now, some will say you can't put a price on good skin. On some levels I totally agree, however I do believe it is possible to get a good skin care routine going on less than $50. I have prodcuts that are pricier,  I have splurged before, but I find myself wanting to find bomb products for a lesser penny.

Here's my quick skin care routine for just under $50 (after tax, you'll be just over that threshold).

CLEANSE: I use makeup removing wipes by Neutrogena. you can get the generic brand as well but honestly they run about the same price. I like the Neutrogena because they're lightly scented, gentle and seem to be a little more moist than others. The do a great job of removing the days makeup/oils/dirt... My #1 rule: Never sleep in your makeup! I am currently using the night calming ones (purple package).  $5.99


TONER: I like to switch up my toners. I was using the Dickensons toner with witch hazel. I recently picked up the "So totally clean" toner formula 10.0.06. This toner seems to help clear up any kind of blemishes! So if you're acne prone, this toner might be one for you! $5.99


SERUM: I LOVE my pure hyaluronic acid serum. This product is great for moisturizing (key in any skin care routine), works great for evening out your skin tone & helps to plump those fine lines! I use this every night and nearly every morning. I even carry it down to my neck, massaging it in, in an upward motion. Your neck can give away your age just as easy as your face, don't neglect it! This product specifically is 100% natural so it works for every skin type! $18.90


MOISTURIZER: Final step, I use an under eye cream/moisturizer. Moms need the extra help man! Those of you that suffer from bags/dark circles or crows feet - give this a go! I get the travel size off amazon - you even get 2 and it lasts forever! Clinique All About Eyes  $18.99


Another note: Your skin deserves to be pampered as well do you. Go get a facial. I just had one tonight with Jill DeGraeve Esthetics , AH-MAZING. She has a lovely in home spa area that is super relaxing with many skin therapy options! I did an European Facial tonight, my skin feels completely rejuvenated!! She uses the IMAGE skin care line, which if you're looking for a routine and have a larger budget; she can hook you up with all the steps! Taking the time for yourself is a MUST, and this is something that is an affordable treat! Be sure to let Jill know I sent you! :) 





Isn't her room cute??? She's capable of more than just facials as well. She can do spot treatments for age spots, sun spots, skin tags, moles - all kinds of good stuff! I can't wait to go back!


Before: Outside lighting before going in (left) --- After: inside lighting, clearly brighter, clearer skin (right).