$10 Buys that are WORTH IT!

Hey y'all!! You may notice I have changed things up a little with my blog. In talking with some girlfriends & other bloggers about where to go, what to do, how to create a REAL place for REAL people to read and take something away; I decided to separate out my styling post and my lifestyle posts.  Here is where you will find my tips and tricks/fashion/good buys/makeup/kid fashion - you know all the things that make up my life!! haha -- hopefully (crossing my finders hard) this will allow me to freely blog more often and not feel like things are just a giant cluster! With all that being word vomited up for you -- CHEERS to the FIRST LIFESTYLE BLOG! 

We all work hard for our money and I don't know about you but I never want to feel like I wasted it. It's money, it's not growing a tree (if yours is, please do share, I'll trade you out a style for a seed! LOL) and we tend to move through money quickly - where does it all go???? So when I do spend $$$; I always try to read reviews, read backs of bottles and spend as smartly as I can. Now, will this happen all the time? Will I always feel like I got the most "bang for my buck?" No. That's life - shoulder shrug and move on. I am going to share a couple products that I have bought lately under that $10.00 price point that didn't disappoint - money well spent and worth your dollars too! 

Kristin Ess Shampoo and Conditioner:  Strolling Target and this product caught my eye because of the pretty peach bottles. But as we all know just because something comes in a pretty casing, doesn't mean a thing!  I did recognize the name Kristin Ess; she's a style icon. She styles Lauren Conrad's hair and is all over pinterest with her braids and beach wave styles! I took the lid off and smelled it; mmmm smelt like spring, just a hint of sweet. For $10, I read a couple bottle descriptions and threw the shampoo, conditioner and leave in conditioner in my cart. I LOVE it! The formula is extra gentle, perfect for ladies with sensitive skin/scalps. I didn't have to use much and there' no over lathering happening. After shampoo/ conditioner, I spritzed the leave in conditioner a couple times and brushed. My hair felt so soft and blew dry with less frizz. It didn't dry my hair out or leave me with that gritty/greasy feeling. This line is filled with everything you'd need; she even has a purple shampoo/conditioner that smells great too, can't wait to give it a try!! 


Fit ME! Set & Smooth pressed powder: As much as I'd love to constantly use name brands; they're just that-name brands. Sometimes drug store products are just better (and sometimes they're just not). However this setting powder has been amazing. I don't care for mineral or loose powder as you tend to loose product & make a mess. This pressed powder can be applied with a sponge or a stifling brush (my preference). It gives a smooth finish and doesn't settle into fine lines. Find at your local Target for $6!


Dickinson's Original Witch hazel Pore Perfecting Toner:  Looking for a product that controls shine, preps your face for makeup & help minimize your pores that doesn't cost $50??? I found it! $5.00 & it's a huge bottle. So far I'm a month in and haven't even used half. There's no smell and no burning sensation (at least not for me) when applied.  Just soak a part of the cotton ball and rub all over your clean face --don't get it in your eye ball, it will burn. haha Can be found at your local target or walgreens!

dickinsons pore toner.jpg

Hell Pore Clean Up Mask: You've probably seen all those videos; girls apply this black face mask then proceed to ripe their face off. Well this does that without losing 3 layers of skin in the process! It works great for deep rooted pores on your entire T zone area. My struggle areas for bigger pores/black heads is my nose and chin (little devils). This product helps clear those out and shrink my pores. Plus if you know me personally, you know I'm a picker & that nothing makes me happier than seeing results (AKA: seeing crud come out of my face)! I'm bravely posting a before and after of my experience. My skin isn't flawless & I’m self conscience about it but I'm working on it! $9.88 on amazon y'all && it's prime eligible!! 


Silicone Mat: how often do you wash your brushes? Is it always a chore?? For me it is!! I clean mine once or twice a week! I use this mat (comparable to the sigma mat) each time. It really helps to get down deep into the base of brush to remove that grimy old makeup and dead skin (eww). Purchase this bad boy on amazon for $6! It'll be your new best buddy for brush cleaning days.


SUGARFIX by BaubleBar Studs: These studs are ADORABLE! I picked them up at Target 2 weeks ago and wore them over the weekend with my rose gold Kendra Scott pieces. They'd pair perfectly with a chambray top, jeans and wedges! Great spring colors but could easily be worn year round! I love the marble part too, so trendy! $9.99!