But Facebook Said ...

I follow 1,000 people on Instagram, regularly read 4 mom-blogs, have nearly 2,000 friends on facebook -- every outlet filled with what is perceived as "perfect". The real stuff is rarely shared. Leaving you feel...... how? I can tell you how it makes me feel; 90% of the time, I'm more inspired. Inspired to work out, inspired to read a book, pick up a certain type of foundation, teach out, or buy a certain style of shoe. Then there's the 10%... that ugly 10%. The times i leave those social media outlets feeling, LESS. Less than ideal body type, less as a blogger, as a stylist, sometimes even less as a mom or friend or wife. 

I'm done with feeling less. I want more of the inspiration, positivity & relating to people; heart to heart. Sometimes what you see as you scroll is bullshit & sometimes you just need to see real life. 

Real life for me: My kiddo's birthday is Friday, she's turning 6. I spent Sunday sitting on the floor of her room crying as I sifted through clothes that are too small. Oh you thought this only happens when babies turn one, or grow out of their last onesie? NOPE. Still happening at nearly the age 6. 

Real life for me: I'm overweight. I'm at the heaviest I have ever been outside of being pregnant. As you read that sentence you might think - oh she's going to share what she's doing about it.... guess what I'm doing? Nothing. A few squats as I watch the microwave heat up oatmeal, but that's about it. Why? Because, I'm so sick of worrying about it, yet all I can do is worry about it! One of these days, I'll wake up and get my butt in gear but I refuse to hate myself just because I'm a little heavier than "normal". Self love baby, learn it, love it, preach it. I love myself and a number on a scale isn't going to change that.

Real life for me: I've been on the verge of tears all week. Not just because of the upcoming birthday but because I'm stressed! Who else is stressed, I can't be the only one?? I can't be the only one feeling like "FUCK, it's always something". I KNOW I'm not alone but neither are you. We all have our money struggles, our dream struggles, our job struggles & so many other struggles I can't even imagine. You know what can get you through those? Breathing. No one can take that away from you. Find a silver lining and love it hard. My silver lining this week; my family is healthy. We may currently be going through something that is making me question that (dental issues for the babe) but overall, we're healthy. NEVER take this for granted. 

Those are my Real Life snips for this week. I just wanted to show you that a bloggers life isn't always about what we bought that you should too, or the amazing cake that turned out perfect PS: if you're ever looking to find that here, you wont! HAHA I'm no Martha Stuart, you might find a pinterest fail though, you never know!

Everyone's got there stuff, you're not alone. Just breathe.