Target Face

Saturday night was one for the books!! A girlfriend of mine and I attended the Miranda Lambert concert via floor seats!! Eee!! It was awesome. I've seen Miranda multiple times at multiple venues and you just don't get any better than her!! She's so raw and real and sings effortlessly. If you haven't seen her yet - add her to your bucket list! 

Naturally, when you've got plans, what do you think about? What you're going to wear, what your going to do with your hair, what your going to do with your face (you can't even tell me you don't send the "what you wearing?" text when you've got plans to be seen)!  I wanted to share with y'all my face & outfit details from that night because my face was 100% drug store products that you can find at your local Target, Walgreen's or Walmart! 


  • Primer: Wet and Wild -- I use the Matte version. Like any other primer, it's purpose is to help give you a smoother canvas to apply your makeup; fill in lines, reduce visibility of pores. What I like about this one is it keeps my oily spots in check without drying out my skin. There's no cakey/sticky residue either 
  • Foundation: Maybelline Dream matte Mousse -- I've tried the liquid dream mousse and hated it!! There was nothing smooth about it so when a friend said this was a must, I was like mmmm I don't know but whatever, I picked up and to my surprise- it is a must try! I am really liking how full coverage it is but SO LIGHT! I'm in the light shades, creamy natural.
  • Eyes: Kept it simple with the "Need it Nude" palette from ELF. No primer for me, my lids hold color pretty well and I wasn't doing anything super dramatic, so I didn't see the need. No liner. My extensions {I'm due to update y'all on these bad boys, so that's comin soon} My set was put on by Lashed by Alex and I now go to Beauty Brands at legends to see Kandice for my fills! For my bottom lashes I use Covergirl Lashblast - this was always my go to when I wore mascara regularly. Color: Brown/black
  • Brows:  Total Temptation -- Another new buy!! Super comparable to Anastasia Brow Wiz pencil in that it glides right on! Easy to use and a couple dollars cheaper. I use the Soft Brown color.
  • Concealer: Fit Me Maybelline -- I've always used the age rewind but last time I bought one, the roller was broke so I returned it and thought Eh, let's try something new. I'm really liking this stuff, it doesn't move around as well as the age rewind but it is brighter and you don't have to use as much I don't think. I'm in color 15 Light
  • Setting Powder: Fit me Matte Poreless -- I like pressed, you can apple with sponge or brush but there's less mess than the mineral and you can still bake if you see fit! I use the translucent and apply with sponge for quick ready days!
  • Bronzer: NYX Matte Bronzer -- see a pattern that I always use matte products?? Hoola is my holy grail of bronzers but wanted to continue the trend of drug store products so busted out the NYX - its VERY comparable. I use the medium shade
  • Blush: Covergirl Classic color -- Blush hasn't been something I've always used {In fact I specifically remember on my wedding day saying no blush please, ugh -- can we re-do that please???} I always thought it brought out my uneven skin tone, turns out when you use the right foundation and such blush can look realllly pretty and totally enhance your look! I love this color; 540 Rose Silk. I've got a handful of these in my styling bag, love them! 
  • Highlight: ELF Pearl Paint -- Another randomly picked up item while strolling target and maannnn HEART EYES. I've never been big on liquid glow because who can glow better than Becca {Champagne pop lover!} buuuuuutt I am REALLY digging this!!! It's a little extra, but I mean really, It's SO pretty! This is color Pink Lady 
  • Setting Spray: Maybelline Master Fix -- I've almost completely let go of my Urban Decay All nighter and switched 100% to this! Simply because it's totally comparable and the price point is really fair. I see lots of faces and an affordable setting spray is a must!! 
  • Lip Color: ELF Lip Plumping Gloss -- This definitely gives you some tingle!! The color is SO pretty and effortless. Pretty as a stand alone color or over a matte to add some shine. This is my daily wear. I'm in color Champagne Glam.
  • Earrings: A new Day brand; TARGET $9.99!
  • Shirt: Buckle  Jeans: KanCan brand from TJ Maxx  Boots: Durango brand from Cavenders