Quick & Easy Pick Me Up's

Happy Thursday Folks - it's almost Fri-yay! I find myself wanting to live for more than just Friday, more than just the weekend. I want to look forward to Mondays & Wednedays - give me all the days! I know not every day can be entirely fabulous but after a conversation with a close girlfriend of mine yesterday; it really got me thinking about time and just how precious it is! So mid week, the weather has been drab (WHERE IS THE SUN??) I need a pick me up! Do you?? I've listed a couple things that are easy things to do to feel refreshed!

  • Call your local massage parlor and schedule a 15min chair massage. These are generally inexpensive, require little time but are effective! They give you a few minutes to breath and help knots, tension & stress melt away. Our local massage place is AMAZING; First Response Massage. On the way out take advantage of their current special and schedule yourself an hour massage for later in the month! 
  •  Light a candle. I've got one burning at my desk that I picked up on a Target run this week. Normally my candles come from TJ maxx but this one just smelt heavenly, I couldn't pass it up! Rosemary Mint; talk about a soothing sent! 
  • Read a magazine (or book) at lunch and put away your phone. I've been trying to do this at least 3 times a week. Again another Target find, the Magnolia Journal. It's a easy read with pretty pictures! Great for inspiration and gets you away from the screen!
  • Take a walk or find a patio for lunch! It may not be the ideal patio weather but throw on your coat and do a lap! Fresh air can do wonders!
  • Eat a piece of Dark Chocolate. I LOVE chocolate, but it's not good for my skin or my waist line. However, they say a piece of Dark Chocolate a day is actually good for you (can't believe everything you read buuuut Im chosing to believe this one! haha!)  It's rich in antioxidants,  provides cardiovascular benefits by reducing inflammation. I'v also read it lowers your risk for diabetes ANNNND increases sanity - I believe that!! My go to for Dark Chocolate are the DOVE pieces! Dollar General has the small back for only a $1.00! 

Taking care of yourself & treating yo self, doesn't always mean spending money you shouldn't, trying to squeeze in a bath or a day at the spa. Sometimes it's the little things that make the biggest difference!