Is that you Summer?? Already?

Who else is HOT? Like boob sweat, back sweat, humid, hair unmanageable, muggy - type hot? You? Me too. We finally turned on our AC. After a morning of trying to get ready for work with sweat literally dripping down my face and my clothes sticking to me, a few choice words and a couple *loud* grunting noises, the hubs caught on. I'm so bummed that it's already 95 degrees on the regular. 


But why am I so bitter about the heat? For one, I just really adore winter. For two, I'm bigger than I planned to be. I don't talk weight much because I don't want to be one of those "I'm going to lose weight, follow my journey" girls annnnnnd fall on my face because Taco Tuesday got me again. I think part of it is *brutal honesty comin' at ya* I follow all these adorable girls who are like size 2's or 4's (not hating on the more fortunate sized gals - get it gurl - just sayin') showing us all these super cute clothes and things to buy for spring (what spring?) / Summer. I want to buy them, but I won't look like they do. While we all know we can't compare each other to one another; I'm still pissed about it. I'm mostly mad at myself for letting it get too far gone. I allow myself to do it EVERY FUCKING year. I lose the weight March- May, generally 15-20lbs, just enough to feel comfortable again and not hate myself. I maintain through June, July, August and come September, I give zero fucks about diet. Bring on all the carbs and the late night eating; I have got to stop with yo-yo life & I don't just mean that pertaining to my weight. 

I know I'm not alone, I know I'm not the only one struggling. We're busy! I don't know about you but the thought of trying to fit a work out in right now literally bring tears to my eyes, I already feel like I'm failing at so many things. I'm already so tired. I tell myself I'll get up early and go for a run or I'll do a zumba class at the local gym.... it doesn't happen. But self care and self worth and feeling good about YOURSELF, should be priority. Why do we let all the other things in life come before that??? How does that happen? How do we end up putting ourselves last, time and time again?? 

invest in yourself.jpg

We can do it!! We can put ourselves first, we deserve to be a little selfish {next post: what makes me selfish}. I went and saw my hair girl this week and my exact comment to her was "I'm fixing all my life problems by going a shade lighter and just sitting here". I walked out of there feeling like a queen. I followed that up by wondering Target, no time limit, no where to be, no kid asking for something every 2 seconds and it was glorious. Self care, who would've thought it would that easy? 

Here's somethings I have challenged myself to do this month. I'd love to know what you do, when you're feeling like everything is going "wrong", what makes you feel like you're slayin' life? What fuels your want to take care of yourself? 

  • Read - Take a break from that screen time! I picked up the new book out by Christy Metz, I'm almost finished with it & I love it! 
  • Family Dinner - it's old school but we've been sitting down as family, at the dinner table, no phones, no radios, no TV. That time has become really important to me. 
  • 25 squats - I work in an office, every time I get up to wait on the printer in any fashion, I do squats. My goal is to get at least 5 in each time, end ultimately I want to hit 25 a day. It's silly and if my boss reads this, she'll probably giggle. 
  • Face masks - Finding time for this was easier than I thought, I put one on and go do the dishes or wash my daughters hair or hang up clothes.

Hang in there girl, we're all struggling with something. Turn on your AC, take a 7 minute shower instead of 5 min, stretch when you get out of bed, take a long lunch. Take care of yourself.