June Favs

Sweet summa time! June is a crazzzyyy month around my house. For one, I have a wedding if not 2-3 weddings every weekend in June, plus engagement styles, mini sessions with Kelley and whatever else pops up! It's also birthday month for the hubs, so there was celebrating to be done, with fathers day right behind it - again with the celebrating! Trying to squeeze in family outings, swim lessons for Bry, friend time, oh and be focused 40+ hours a week at my regular j-o-b &&& work on my tan; wooof. It get's to be a lot! I take the month of July off from weddings. So I am looking forward to a couple free weekends; not that I don't LOVE weddings, just don't love July weddings as much ;) obvious reasons: its HOOOOTTTT. Here's a few things I crushin hard on this month! 

Floating koozies: I can't help it! They're SO cute! I found flamingo ones at Five Below; um they were 3 for $3 so don't go spending a small fortune on these babies. They were such a fun gift to give and I ended up with one at the end of the night (sorry Sarah! haha she's mine now). I found pineapple one's at my local TJ Maxx, again pretty reasonable; $4 for 2! I'm slightly obsessed, pool or not, they're too fun not to! 

Easy gift wrapping: I'm not the worlds best wrapper. I give it the ole college try but I just don't think I can put it on the resume as something I'm super good at. However, creative wrapping is something I can claim! These boxes are PERFECT for the "mediocre" wrapper, like my self. They're cute, they're current, they're cheap ($2.99-$5.99) and they're reusable!! Put some gold tissue paper in there and you're good to! 

Fogo De Chao: Hands down one of the best places we have eaten and girl, I have eaten at a lot of places. what? I love food. You get the cool, plaza vibe, a fancier place and a unique dining experience. The way it works: you can chow down on their salad bar that is filled with different yummies but I don't recommend filling up there; you're about to be served some of the best meat of your life! Grab your coaster and turn it to green; meats from top sirloin, prime rib, garlic chicken, lamb, ribs will be comin' at you! Turn your coaster to red to put a hold on the food and chow down. Flip it to green as many times as you please. Go on your birthday (we went for Scott's birthday both this year and last) you get a free desert of your choice! 

Litter Sale Time: The only things that come close to this feeling is the $7.99 hair spray sale and the $10.99 mascara sale! Beauty Brands is the place to be if you're needing to stock up on shampoo and conditioner! Some of my $13.99 favs include: Blowpro voluminous shampoo, curly sexy hair and the Hempz body wash (smells SO good)!! Go get cha some; love me a good sale!