It's SO HOT - Hair

Are you melting? I'm melting.... I hate being hot. I hate sweating. It doesn't help that I sweat like a freakin' man haha. Naturally curly hair, in this heat means it's basically a fro. So I wear it up, A LOT! This style was shared on my FB as something I should try & I thought it was cute. So I gave it a go and sure enough - adorbs. Super easy too! Run a brush through your hair, flip your hair over. Start a french braid, instead of going over, go under. Braid till you're at your ears, flip back over and pull it all up into a messy bun. Easy style and gives you a little somethin' extra instead of just a plain ole' messy bun! Plus, it's up, your cool & cute!  Oh & I'm taking full advantage of my summer glow and lashes - I'm make-up less; other than filling in my brows! :)