Channeling My Inner Elsa : This for That

I was snapping these pictures last night and the entire time I was singing the Frozen song "Let It Go". I kept thinking (and giggling) to myself "I am so clever, conceal, concealer, my blog topic......Conceal, don't feel, don't let them know, well now they knooowww. Let it go, let it go.....". This what it's like to be in my head. Welcome! haha! Seriously though. Concealers. Let's chat. 

I had always used the Clinique line smoother concealer because it was hypo allergenic and growing up my skin was super sensitive. I ventured to the Bye Bye under eye when I was pregnant because my skin would randomly freak out - thanks hormones, you're so much fun. Bye Bye under eye from IT cosmetics is the Shiiiiizzz. It works wonderfully, beyond full coverage and does't require much product so you'll have your tube for a while! However, you have to seriously blend this stuff or you'll end up with lines. Then when the Tarte introduced Shape Tape; of course it was a must have! It's a definitely a long wear, full coverage product. Great for covering blemishes and brightening those under eye circles but I don't love the formula, just feels a little cakey if I haven't recently exfoliated (could just be my face - I have that problem sometimes - LOL!) I recommend long strokes with this, not dotting (like when you apply it to you face). These 3 are great but come with a heftier price tag. From left to right: $18.50 ; $24 ; $25

When I started styling I QUICKLY realized I was going to have to find some dupe products because I am no kardashian and I just couldn't keep up.... ha! Get it? I'm giggling to myself. I looked to youtube to see what else some of my fav make-up gurus were using for drug store finds. Kelly Strack recommended Master Fix concealer by Maybelline. I gave it a shot and love it! It's very comparable to the bye bye under eye, a little more creamy though. Only thing is I wish there were more color options, only 5 to chose from. Another girl I follow on IG and simply adore is Just Brandi; you may know her as Momma Laughlin. She used the age rewind Eraser and it was flawless on her skin so I gave it a try too! Honestly, it's my every day concealer now. Colors are based on skin tones (warm, honey, fair) instead of shades (light, medium, dark), creamy, easily blendable and covers redness & dark circles really well. Wanna know the best thing about these two? Well, maybe not the best but certainly a plus... They both can be found at TARGET! ;) From left to right: $7.94 ; $6.49