Emma - Prom

Every year prom season comes around I get so excited! Excited to see the girls, to work on new Glam styles, to see the dresses, hear where the hot spot is for dinner - all those prom things! Emma is in her senior year, this was her senior prom and she trusted to me to make her look Fab!

She walked in the door Saturday saying "I hope this goes better than my nails", the rest of the style I was legit sweating. Like paniced, because although this was my 2nd time styling her, I didn't know the nail story, yet! lol! She proceeded to tell me and I'm happy to report, her style went MUCH MUCH smoother than her nail appointment(s). That's what I strive for; to make people happy and to make them feel beautiful! She looked in the mirror and I could see it, she loved the way she looked! That's what it's all about! Curls for days, volume, lengthy lashes and a killer high light-glow! 

Emma- We haven't spent much time with each other but you are such a joyous person! You are beautiful inside and out. Enjoy what's left of your senior year! You're going to do big things in the years to come!