Mia - Prom

2017 prom season was a busy one (and it's still going)! I got the pleasure of hanging with some FAB ladies Saturday. Listening to all the fun stuff they have going on in the next couple months ALMOST (like just a little tiny bit) made me miss high school. Such a fun time - prom! For seniors and for juniors it's a big day! 

Meet Miss Mia. I hadn't never met Mia, but it was great getting to know her. She was headed off for her junior prom later on after our style. She came in, showed me her dress (breath taking) and gave me some ideas of what she wanted. Originally she wanted her hair half up, half down but all I could think was "big braid! big braid". My exact words were "are you married to the half up cuz I've got an idea". She was all about it - which was totally fun! I threw some curls in on top and teased it nice and big! Then went at it with a fish tail braid. Make-up wise, she wanted dark and long lashes - not a problem! The whole thing turned out gorg! 

Mia- It was great meeting you. Thank you for letting me do, essentially, what I wanted with your hair! You looked stunning! I can't wait to pair up with Kelley for your senior pics! It's going to be so fun! Enjoy the rest of your junior year & good luck with track! :)