Alyssa - Prom

As Prom season comes to an end, I have a few more beautiful girls to show off! I did two weekends of prom styling and I'm already missing it! 

Alyssa was referred to me by Emma, (prior prom post)! A referral is the best compliment you can receive, in my opinion, I SO appreciate them! I was so excited to meet Alyssa, she just seemed so sweet! Her time slot was cutting it close for meeting, so she ended up throwing her dress on at my house and putting on finishing touches there (perk of styling with me, I'll let you use my bathroom to change - HAHA). Hair we went for a classic up-do, her hair curled so easily and pinned right back! Looked great! We went for a darker eye just for fun and long lashes! In all the rush, Alyssa realized she forgot earrings! I couldn't let her walk away with no earrings, so we dug through my jewlery and we found some that matched perfectly with her cream dress! Another perk, I'm always down for people to borrow as long as it's returned! 

Alyssa- I hope you enjoyed your prom! You looked beautiful! See you soon for senior pics!