March FAVS!

It's MARCH! It's birthday month for Little and for Big. One turning 5 & one turning 23 - scary dynamic but it works for us! ;) March madness is upon us too - always a fun time of year! plus st. patty's day; that was always more fun when I was younger haha. I've bought a handful of new products lately so here's a run down of my current FAVS!

Tarte Shape Tape: So I'm not going to lie, the first time I tried this, I honestly thought "what is all the buzz about?!" then I thought maybe it's me, not the product. So I reached out to a local beauty group I'm part of and it turns out, it was me - ha! I think I used just a little too much in my first application. So I tried it again a couple more times and i'm lovin' it! 3 dots strung along under your eyes is literally all you need; less is more in this case!! It' gives a super smooth contour, the color I got (Fair for pink undertones) is perfect! I love that it comes in so many options! A beauty staple for sure! 

Urban Decay Self Adjusting Primer: dude, this stuff is legit! First of all, my make-up application went on SO smooth! So right off the bat I noticed it was doing one of my "musts" for primers- evening out the playing field. Before I even applied my makeup though, I noticed it was evening out my skin tone. Winter is rough for me (skin and weight wise lol), my skin gets really uneven, so the fact that it was self adapting and covering my red/splotchy spots was awesome! By the end of the day, the areas I tend to get oily in - weren't! Oil & shine control- check! Next time you're in Ulta or Sephora - pick one up! It's a must! ((I'll snap a before and after application of this stuff this week so watch for it on IG))

Lash extensions: With summer coming quicker than I'm ready for (i'm more of a fall/winter/spring gal) I am SO excited to be able to go bare faced to work! A little summer glow and lashes on point - ah that's what dreams are made of! My girl alex; ilashKC/Lashed by alex is amazing! if you've thought about it, contact her; ask her your questions, she'll be happy to answer anything you've got for her. I've had mine on for 5 months, I go ever 2 weeks for a fill, there's less dramatic options if what i have isn't your style (i want full and long all the time), I don't see any damage, I don't even realize they're there!. Plus every 2 weeks, I am guaranteed 45 min of "me" time!  

Lorac California Dreamin' palette: SO i picked this little beauty up at Kohl's a while back and i am really liking it! For one, the colors are gorg! for two, they're unique colors, i like having special palettes like this on hand! For three, it was only $30! perfect price point for an impromptu buy but would also make a great gift! I used the "seaside" green to give my st,patty's day eyes a little extra POP! 

Happy March Ladies! :)