3-2-1... Hair

I don't have super thick hair; sometimes I'm thankful and sometimes I realllllyyy wish it was thicker and longer and blonder. We always want what we don't have; am I right!? My hair may not be super thick but it does take for-ev-er to blow dry. I stopped wearing my hair straight/curled because it was taking too long to do; I'd get hot and sweaty in my bathroom from blow drying and the shower steam and end up sweaty, it was just a MESS of a situation. My husband couldn't understand why I'd get so pissy-pants after spending literal hours on my hair, I have a child & a life . I can't spend HOURS getting ready, even though sometimes I want to ;).  Here's some of the products I use to make my blow drying process easier!

It all starts with prep! Right?? Cooking, crafting, painting; all masterpiece potential and all take prep! I use this Blow Dry It Quick spray from L'Oreal Paris DAILY! Anytime I set out to blow dry my hair completely (not wearing natural curls), I spray this stuff all over my hairs. I start at the top and work my way down then brush it through. It acts as both a blow drying primer and a heat protector!  Best of all this product will not break the bank ($3.99!) & you can snag it on your next Target trip! 








The Wet Brush - the brush to end all brushes. The perfect brush, I can't rave about this enough. This gets me through my mornings not only with my hair but also with my 4 year old's hair! Tangles are easily avoided because of the bristle type, making brushing less damaging and just an easier all over task. {Obviously mine has been used, a lot, you can barely see the label! haha}











This Hot Tools Tourmaline Ion Professional Dryer was a Christmas present from the hubs - he did good right? He's a pretty awesome gift giver. I was kind of shocked by this one though, I barely mentioned I wanted a new dryer. Funny story, we had been together for like 8 months, moved in together and my hair dryer literally caught on fire while in use. I about pee'd my pants! The thought of my hair singeing off, my favorite dryer burning up, oh and being 4 months pregnant; not the best reaction. Bless his heart, he came home with a new one from Target that night, I used to for years, just for that reason. I bought one at beauty brands and after 6 months, I decided I didn't love it & mentioned I wanted another (I sound so high maintenance with hair dryers don't I?!) Any-who, he bought one of the best ones out there! It's super light weight, but still delivers a heavy/quick air flow! It also has numerous settings, never us the combo of super hot and high, even with the best products, that's a damaging set up. The best thing it, it works with your hair to save it's moisture!

Happy Hairs, Happy Gals! Have a great Tuesday Loves! Emily