Anastasia - Beverly Hills Not Steele.

Did you read the 50 shades books or see the movies?? Anytime I talk about Anastasia products I think of Miss Anastasia Steele; I can't help it! haha! If you haven't seen it or read it - I do recommend! Anyway, so Anastasia Beverly Hills (ABH) is a brand I have mad love for. All the products are clean, crisp, gorgeous color & highly pigmented; all worth the money! Like, anyone I do have a couple products that I favorite from this line. 

One of them being the Modern Renaissance Palette. SWOON - these colors are beautiful & unique. You're not going to get these colors in any other palette; 3 metallic colors & the remaining 11 are all mattes. The berry shades are HOT colors this spring/summer and they're harder to find, you get those colors with this palette! You can easily go from a work look to a night out look too, which is a selling point for me with palettes! I find anytime I am doing a boho type style, this is my GO TO for eyes. Rumor has it Claudia Soare is putting out the "twin" to this palette.... I cannot wait to see what it looks like! I am sure it will be a must have too!

BROWS! I was so against the brow trend when it first started coming around. Mostly because my brows SUCK. I never really learned what I was doing when I was younger so mine are thin little brows due to poor plucking and no shaping. Immediately I knew I had to do something about it especially being in the make-up/styling world! I hit up my local Sephora after doing some research & found that the ABH Brow Powder Duo in Blonde would be my holy grail. I LOVE THIS STUFF! The brow powder is movable, so it's super easy to shape with. I've also found that it's pretty smudge proof. I use it DAILY and my brows still look great at the end of the night. This product also Has a good life expectancy; I go through one of these about every 5-6 months. I also recommend you snag the ABH Brow Brush #7B; double ended for all your brow shaping needs! 

Y'all know I'm all about my lip colors. My target favs are the NYX's but every so often I spoil myself and pick up a few beauties from my fav lines like too faced, Urban Decay, or in this case ABH! I got these 2 matte Liquid Lipstick beauties a couple weeks ago. Both in shades of berry/pink. I've worn them several times and got TONS of compliments! Perfect spring shades! 

Have a wonderful Tuesday! -- Emily