I do.

Friday the 13th, we celebrated 5 years married. Let me tell you something about marriage, it's basically nothing like you thought it would be. Some days, its better. Other days, well, other days it's just really hard. Thankfully in my married life so far we've had a lot more of the moments where you say "damn, I'm blessed"  rather than the moments where you're secretly plotting each other's death, thinking a Mr. & Mrs. Smith style shoot out might be the way to go... ha! 

I get the pleasure of talking with brides all through the moments leading up to getting married. They all ask, how long have you been married? Was it love at first sight? (ha! Just replaying the first time I met Scott. I'll get to that). Are you always happy? Is marriage the best thing ever? 

I always just laugh and some what sarcastically say yes. The truth is, every single day I am thankful and every single day, I am happy. That doesn't mean that at some point in the day I thought about sending him to sofa city for the night or burning all of his socks. That is reality though. If someone were to tell me that they're never irritated, mad, frustrated with their spouse -I'd be running away because their pants are about to catch fire. 

Scott and I were both managers at a large retail store and we had it out one afternoon about an event I was running. He was trying to tell me no, ha. Guess who one that one?? About a year later, we decided to stop hating each other & he asked me out on a lunch date  I proceeded to ask him super personal questions, no time for BS & he answered them - the rest is history. 

On October 13th 2012, the rainiest day we'd seen in 3 months, we said I do. I have no idea what the future holds, no one does. All I know is, I will continue to thank God for bringing my scotty and his boys into my life & I will continue to be the "okay" wife I am, because let's face it, I'm not perfect ;)   

outfit: Jcpenny dress, kendra scott accessories, open toed shoes from Buckle (purchased 2 years ago - staples!). 

Dinner: Gas light grill - totally recommend it! Romantic atmosphere, live jazz music, delish food and a nice patio for toasting -no matter what you're celebrating!