September Favs!

mmmmm - It's almost fall!! Some mornings have been toying with my emotions and have been super chilly. I'm LOVING it! However, it's made me emotionally unstable because by the time the afternoon rolls around; im sweating and crankin' up the AC. Still though, my house is smelling like fall and starting to look like fall - all things that make me happy! September has brought LOTS of celebrating! For one, it's my birthday month (thanks for all the love y'all!). I had a wonderful time celebrating with friends & fam. For two, it's my husbands last month at his job of 15 years so we had fun celebrating that! In just a week it will be my bonus mom's 40th birthday so we'll be partyin' down for that (stay tuned, it's 80's and 90's theme, style will of course have to be on point for that!). Below are just a few of my "I'm pretending it's fall even though it's 89 degrees out, favorites". 

1. Fall Scented Candles: This could be the best part of fall.... (retract that, not sweating and sweater weather is the best part but this comes in at a close 2nd!). I freaking love a good, strong, long lasting smelly candle. I get so bummed when I buy a candle and for one it doesn't burn the same scent as it smelt when I stuck my nose it & for two it only smells up the 6inches of the candles circumference - boo. So I've figured out where to buy candles. Candle Queen Candle in Leavenworth makes her own soy blend of candle and they smell. soo. good. They also last a long time and will smell up your entire house! I'm currently burning Butterscotch delight - yum! The other place is Bath and Body works, now I will NOT spend $24.95 on their candles, they have $10 sales waaaayy to often to be spending that kind of monies; however, I will drop $50 on 5 candles and not feel bad about it. This season I have already picked up Flannel, Caramel Pumpkin Swirl and Pumpkin Cupcake.


2. Statement Sleeves: Currently LOVING this trend. I don't know about you but I look forward to shirts with sleeves and when they have some personality, it's even better. When I find puff sleeve or bell sleeve items that are a normal cut (I say this will love, I just can't do crop style top, if you can I secretly hate you anyway - enter winky face- xoxox). I have found a couple SUPER fun tops, with puff sleeves. The White with black stripes is from Franchesca's ($34.99), I paired with a floppy hat; made for the perfect winery outfit! Also, gotta share this steal of a deal I picked up from Franchesca's; $9.00, cactus print and has flouncy sleeves! Swoon! I'll spend a little more on things that I can easily dress up or dress down. I feel like statement sleeves are versatile must-have's this season! 

3. Fenty Beauty Foundation: I plan to do a video review on this so I wont' say too much so I don't over dose you in info but make the purchase. It's as good as they say it is. I'm color 170 and it's a perfect match! 


4. Dark Lips: I'm all about a fun colored lip. Now when I say fun I do not mean greens and blue and yellows - I can not pull that off (shout out to those who can tho- get it guurrrll or guy, whatevs!). I'm talking the rich plums (featured on right), darker nudes, blue undertoned red - eeekk! I love them all! My go to Red right now is from Urban Decay: Rock Steady Vice Liquid Lipstick. A little pricier than my normal buy but once you find a red that is matte, vibrant color, no orange undertone; you stick with it. I get asked all the time "how do your lines always seem so crisp with no bleed"? - LINE YOUR LIPS. Use lip liner; even if you don't use a red liner, use something close to it. Sephora has liners for $6, I always have a nude liner on hand. PRIMER - use a lip primer, the elf brand works just fine for me, just make sure you smudge it in good. 

5. Chili: I don't talk much about recipes.... Let's get one thing on the table; I don't pretend to be good at cooking, nor do I pretend to do it all the time. I hit the husband jackpot; he cooks and he cleans! Lawdy, I am blessed. However, when fall comes around, I spend a little more time in the kitchen. One of my FAVORITE go-to fall meals is White Bean Chicken Chili. There are SO many variations of this chili & I've never had one I didn't like....I'll share my recipe below. 

serves 8-10.... Crock pot (4-6 hours on low) or stove in large pot.    4 cans great northern beans, 2 cans pinto beans, 2 cans kidney beans, 1 can of white hominy (all beans drained), 1 can of green chilies,  2 cups of chicken broth & a chopped up onion (optional). Let that all simmer. I pull chicken off a rotisserie chicken and throw that in but you can also throw in 2 chicken breasts to cook with it all (8 hours in crock pot on low). Top with sour cream, shredded cheese, green onions & fritos (hubs personal fav).