How do you Pumpkin Patch?

I heart fall and all the fun things that come with it; smells, foods, adventures, fashion, decor..... all of it! 

One of the things I look most forward to each year is the pumpkin patch!! It's one of the few days my family is ALL together (forcefully? Possibly but whateves). Each year we like to try new pumpkin patches, just because, no special reason. We have close friends (like some of our all time favorite people) that live out in Lees Summit and my girlfriend is working part time at a ranch; they also have a pumpkin patch. So she tagged along with us; an honorary Clev for the day. Faulkners Ranch was nothing short of amazing! One of my favorite patches that we've been to so far! Tons of activities including; hay rides, corn shooting, train ride, corn pit, horse rides, goat farm & so much more! The corn pit was probably bry's favorite. My favorite was the FOOD! Holy delish! Not your typical pumpkin patch food, these were actual meal options (well kind of anyway - no walking tacos haha!). Piggy Mac was what the boys got - macaroni and cheese topped with pulled pork - YUMMMM! I had a Pumpkin donut sundae; its exactly what it sounds like, so dang good! Plus, their pumpkins and mums were gorgeous; they even had some funky gords, I always like those for decor! The place was just all around fantastic! If you're looking for a patch to visit; go check this one out!  

They also have space for special events; be sure keep this place on your radar country brides! It's beautiful!