Sunday’s. 90% of the time this is my only day “off”. Off doesn’t mean I get to lay around on the couch all day and do nothing, although I take full advantage of those opportunities when they come! Off means, I don’t have a punch in & punch out job to go to. I don’t have my regular work and I don’t have styling. There’s still house things to be done, duh, working 6 days a week leaves LOTS of house things to be done on Sunday. And I still have my family to tend to. But I don’t have to be in the car and on the road at a certain time for “work”. I don’t mean to sound ungrateful for the 6 days I do have that, I love both my jobs but Sunday’s are welcomed with open & sometimes exhausted arms. 

I’ve been carving out time on Sunday’s to read. Sunday + inspo. Do you have a magazine or book or even a blog space, you turn to for inspo? I buy JoAnna Gaines magazines every time they come out. I flip through them quickly to see the prettiness & lay them out strategically around my house but rarely do I actually read ... today though, like my sundays prior, I’m reading. I’m soaking in everything she has to say about FREEDOM. In issue 11 of her magazine, she is sharing her version of freedom from both a design stand point & her life. There are several other stories in here shared from people who are designing their life by their standard of freedom. 

It got me thinking. Am I designing my life? Am I shaping my life by my standard of freedom? .  My current answer is, not really, but kind of? Maybe to you that means financially, physically, emotionally; it’ll mean different things to everyone. For me it means not RUSHING, not being overly scheduled, overly worked, exhausted & short tempered with my loved ones. Feeling like I’m not myself because I have 7,000 open tabs in my brain & I’m not working on these tabs to please myself, I’m working to please everyone around me.  This year I made a 30 before 30 list and I’m really trying to knock everything off my list but is that the only thing shaping my life? Am I actually living or am I just going through the motions of everyday life on fast forward? Honestly the thought of saying yes to that is a little scary. How do you even begin to reshape your life to being in your own category of freedom??? I live a wonderful life and I’m thankful everyday for every opportunity & blessing. It’s time to start putting a little more thought & effort into what I really want from this life. We only live once. 

This weeks goal- Brylee, my husband and I will make a summer bucket list, the first step in designing our life and living a little more intentionally. I’ll be sure to share what we come up with. Although this may not be big picture, it’s a baby step. Eventually I will say YES with confidence that  we are living in our version of freedom. 

I’d love to about your version of freedom!! What does that mean to you and your family??