6 product face

I get asked all the time “do you do this to your face every day?” As I’m styling a bride. No way. My everyday face takes hardly no time. Last night on my IG stories I did a quick tutorial (are we liking these???? so hard to tell! lol) using just 6 products. I’m all about finding excellent quality products for an affordable price. I’m also all about time savers, what can I use that will lay right the first time and leave me feeling confident all day long!? I showed my go-to face last night and even with recording, I was done in 16 minutes! WOOP!

Here’s a run down of what I used & the price point. Everything is linked so enjoy shopping!

  1. Foundation: Revolution Brand, $12.99, an Ulta find! I wear shade F2

  2. Marc Jacobs Accomplice Concealer (this was sent to me via voxbox). Marc Jacobs isn’t a brand I have much in but when I was sent this, I was excited to try!! I loved it; excellent consistency, full coverage super creamy, blend-able. Didn’t settle into fine lines either! Little higher price point, at $32. I used shade 20.

  3. Fit Me by Maybelline Matte powder - $5.99, I use shade 100 translucent for setting.

  4. Wet and Wild Contour palette - $4.99, Dulce De Leche is my color of choice for bronzer.

  5. Fit Me by Maybelline Blush - $4.49, I love all these colors and have multiple in my styling bag. I used color 20 last night.

  6. Total Temptation Brow pencil - $6.99, I use color Blonde just to fill in a tad!

    and that was it for last night!! This face option would be perfect for moms, who want do something with themselves but only have 7 minutes to get out the door! Quick steps, with good products! If there’s other things you’d like to see, let me know!