Our House Remodel

Happy Tuesday!!

I know most of the time, I share beauty related topics. But I do this blog not only for y’all but for myself too. I wanted to share HOUSE UPDATES! This will be an on going thing as our house is literally changing by the day!

Quick Backstory: We have lived in our home for several years now, it started off as a rental. When we moved in our life was chaos, we were expecting our little girl  and we were planning a wedding. We didn’t think of this house as our forever home.  However, the house is perfect for us so we bought it! We finally decided last September - IT’S TIME! We’re not changing the footprint of the house (down the line, we are. I have big closet dreams) but for now we’re just updating. When I say updating I mean, EVERY square inch of the house is being touched! Here’s a quick run down of where we started and where we’re at now!

Our Deck: The house had a concrete patio on the back which had settled, A LOT. The patio footprint was a little small so we added to it.  Last Fall, we added the deck of our dreams! Scott, Logan and Levi finished it all in! The more we get into this, I’m finding out how handy my husband is!! :) 

A quick snip of how the deck progressed

Our Kitchen: I keep thinking, this room will be the biggest change of all but honestly, every room is going to be so different! We started with counter tops. We went from john deere green to these gorgeous quartz counter tops with a marble pattern. If you’re looking for a counter top place; check out Granite Direct! They did a FAB job!! They also installed our sink and faucet! I couldn’t be more pleased. Next step was appliances. We adjusted our cabinets to put the microwave over our stove, leaving so much more counter space! We went with black stainless & although they are SO pretty, they do show more finger prints and such than normal stainless. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still in love with them and would purchase them all over again. We used Nebraska Furniture Mart and overall we didn’t have a great experience but I’m learning that’s just how house remodels go - No pain, no gain. {Literal pain and tears went into the appliances though}. Then came back splash, 5 stores and 12 hours later, I landed on the white subway tile with cobble stone grout. I think Scott was ready to kill me and I was ready to punch him in the face but it was fiiiine. and look, how prettyyy! Now, we’re still working on lighting, I found my pendant lighting for over the island on Wayfair and I’ve ordered 5 chandeliers for over the kitchen table and one pendant light for over sink that haven’t stuck……. Lighting is fun! Cabinets will be getting painted this month complete with new pulls then all that is left is new floors and little decor details.

Before is on the left - after on the right! The last two are both after’s! :) I am absolutely in love!!

Main Bathroom: When we moved in this bathroom was a BRIGHT BLUE, like ROYAL blue color so my pregnant self couldn’t deal, we painted it. But looking back I don’t know why I chose that color. It was pretty dark. So I went with the color Shiplap from the Magnolia line. Of course, our painter & friend Kris Welter did an awesome job! Brylee and I painted the vanity ourselves. At first I wasn’t to sure how it would turn out but worse case, we’d buy a new vanity. Turned out amazing! We used a self leveling paint and primer all in one, color Cloud Sky by Behr. The lighting came from Menards {I got recognized at the gas station by a menards cashier if that says anything but about home time we’re spending there}. The mirror was a steal of a deal!! I found it at Home Goods for $29.00 then it was marked down to $24.99 because of a small dent. I took it home, removed the frame, painted it with matte black spray paint & screwed it all back together - done! Saved $125! Still working on small details such as toilet paper holder, towel rack, shelving etc.

Really excited about how this room is coming together!! Bry helped A LOT. So might brighter!

The Basement: The basement is my husbands palace. I jokingly (but not jokingly) have said, you do whatever you want in the basement and I will do as I please upstairs, kkkkk??? haha! He’s been AWESOME! He’s done all the work himself and I am crazy impressed! He’s also got Bry helping which was has been so cool! She now knows all the different screw drivers, can operate a stud finder, can measure things & rock her tool belt on a weekly basis. The before and afters of this space are going to be insane. It’s already such a huge change from white walls to carsiding!

We’ll reveal more of the basement soon!!

Bry’s Room: Bry’s room got a good running start to her overhaul! She still had nursery colors on her wall {not going to lie, painting over it made me kind of sad} Luckily, Kris came and knocked if out and it was over quick! ha! Bry picked out ballerina pink for the color, she did good! She also asked for a loft bed for Christmas, so that was easy!! There’s to come for her room; wall hangings, closet doors & new floors!

Looks so much bigger!! Can’t wait to add the rest of the little details!

Coming soon: Hardwood floors through out the whole house, Farm house trim, new interior and exterior doors, new furniture, patio furniture and 2 shiplap walls!!