New Skin Care Goodies

I used the same skin care for.ev.ver. (sandlot fans, you feel me) & I started to feel like my skin was just being a rebel. SO I changed it up. As I should be doing really, I just found something I liked and stuck with it.

Lately I have been using No.7 products and so far, SO GOOD! Im loving the results. It’s a simple routine, I have to keep my shiz simple or I’ll do it for like 6 days and fall right off that wagon. I have been using the cleanser from No.7, the toner and the daily moisturizer. The cleanser does a wonderful job of getting ALL the makeup off. I have used makeup wipes & still keep them on hand just in case, but this cleanser leaves me feeling 100% clean. The toner also does seem to finish off that clean feeling, taking away built up and such. I do still use The Ordinary brand Niacinamide 10% + 1% zinc as well. This is good for oil control and shrinking large pores. All of these products are for reducing pores and oily skin and promote healthier skin which is all of our goals right?? None of these products will break the bank either which is a huge perk. The No.7 brand has a micro-dermabrasion called total renew that I just picked up; it has amazing reviews so can’t wait to see what it’s all about!

Just thought I’d share some new products that I have been using and loving! Happy Thursday!!