Swimsuits - you can too.

How are you this week? Have you taken a second for you? Gotta make sure you're doin' that babe! Even it's just waking up 10 mins earlier to read or a cookie in the closet - find that moment!

Today I'm going to share a couple of my go to SWIM SUITS - does that word give you the heebeejeebee's? SWIM SUIT, SWIM SUIT, SWIM SUIT - Just put it on! ! I’m getting brave and even sharing a few pics of me in a swim suit (yeeek)! The summer bod never kicked in but I’m rockin’ my curves and feelin pretty damn good! In all reality, swim suits aren't the easiest things to slip into and feel good in( they don't come off easily either- one piece struggles). BUT I have found 2 suits this season that I am loving, I recently ordered 2 more so we'll see how those look. Thought I’d share them Incase you’re still looking for that suit to fit you perfectly. 


This purple one is so fun and was a TJ Maxx find. Love the detail of the of the shoulder straps but once again, can’t be havin those tans lines. So I just slip my arms out when I’m sunning! Love the color of this one too.  


I found this one on amazon - a little fuller coverage than in years passed but equally adorable! The blue floral is a 2 piece from cocoship. However, I don't have much for boobs so the strap helps me look a little more curvy in that area (if that's possible - #pancakelife). I prefer the strapless option because I’m a weirdo and hate tan lines! Loving the high wasted trend and the rooshing on this one hides that pooch even better! Ordering online can be a little scary so read those reviews! They're a life saver and major help in not being disappointed in what you order.

Along with a suit a couple other of my must have's for being pool side: 


Face SPF; lather it on girls! I've been using the Neutrogena Face Stick, smells SO good and doesn't clog my pores.

SPF for the bod: I love this 15 SPF for shorter days at the pool. It's got some built in bronzer you just get that tan, glowly feeling. On longer pool days/Ocean visits, I put on the Banana boat kids - haha! Just happens it’s the most sensitive thing I’ve found for my little red head too!  


Swim Cover up: Found this cutie cover on amazon for $13, found one just like it at target for $23.99, decided to save some monies and order. I love it! Covers the booty and is comfy!