4th of July

July is just beginning and I have A LOT goin' on this month. Mostly travel and spending time with Family+ Friends. As well as ordering my station and secondary styling items for the studio; construction is coming along so nicely!! 

 The other thing I'm working on this month is BALANCE. I've just felt kind of off the last couple weeks- urrr- months. That feeling I talked about in early June, that just BLAH feeling, it's still lingering. Damn it. What am I going to do about it? What should I do about it? 

Sitting in the pool Wednesday,, relaxing, enjoying girl time, picking myself apart, comparing myself to my beautiful friends; feeling lesser than them. I realized I have GOT TO STOP; but so do you. Because as the conversation went on, it revealed itself that I'm not the only one sitting there doing that to myself. All 4 of us were feeling self conscious about something. It wasn't all the physical things either, it was emotional comparison, parenting comparison, lifestyle comparison. The truth-this late 20's/ verging on 30/ early 30's phase is hard.

It's such a weird place of comparison. Some of us are done having kids, some are just starting; which is better? Some of us are just getting married, or are going through hard times in marriage. Did we fail? Some of us are paying close attention to diet and some are eating Twinkies for breakfast; does that make us less? Some of us are moving and some of us are "standing still"; are we being brave enough? There are so many things that make us questions who we are & if we're doing this right. 

What I'm going to do about it be kind, be understanding, be forgiving, be present. I'm going to give myself a BREAK. I'm going to work on accepting that the life-phase that I'm in, won't last forever & I should be thankful for it. I'm going to surround myself & my family with; places, experiences, challenges, people; things that promote growth. I'm going to give thanks, instead of complaints. I'm going to give compassion instead of comparison. Finally, I'm going to embrace/love this stage of life the best I can. You only get it once. Don't waste it. 

Can't wait to share more with you on this subject - Kelley and I have been brainstorming and bouncing ideas. She's come with something that I am truly excited about! Sharing the details sooooon but for now; love yourself & your life stage a little harder today. XOXO