This for That: Numba....??

I know I use the excuse "life happens" a little too often, I'm working on it. However LIFE does happen; things that you love get put to the side when you are overwhelmed/ LIFE is happening. Basically that's where this segment got to and I apologize now. I am trying so super hard to stay better on top of it! With that being said... Setting Spray: this for that time!

For me and my cliental, setting spray is a STAPLE. I have always used Urban Decay All Nighter, every so often I would pick up a new one and be super disappointed in how it worked. This past June I saw over 40 faces, plus mine daily. I went through 2 bottles of the normal size setting spray, which is okay except I realized how money that was! Now you know, I'm all about a bargain and saving $$ where I can but ONLY if it's quality, only if it's truly comparable to the higher end option. Ladies, I have found a setting spray that IS comparable quality, cheaper, and is at TARGET! The stars have aligned - haha! I tried SEVERAL (all on my face, never a client, don't worry I use my friends & my own face for guinea pig's!) Maybelline Master Fix by Face Studio; it's $9.99 can be found at Target or Walmart or walgreens and keeps your face on all. day. long. It doesn't add any oil, my face tends to be a little more oily this time of year and it didn't make it a slick. It also keeps my contour from falling into fine lines. Below are some pics of me in the morning before work and then me at the end of the day after work (just a quick car selfie) all in the same light; natural, using this spray - no touch ups were done ((and no filters so you can see results better!))


Morning, before heading off to work : Lashes by iLashKC


Afternoon, after an 8 hour work day.