July & August Favs!

It was a HOT July; not sure why I expected anything different. I have lived here all my life and things get sweaty; literally. I took the month of July off from weddings to just have some time with family and friends on the weekends. I have still had styles going on during the week that have kept me busy and I'm ready to get back to it but the time off has been really enjoyable! We have spent time at the lake, the creek, time with the in-laws, pool days, brunchin' - it's been a fun summer! Now school is nearing because it's AUGUST already, sorry the favs are comin' at you in a 2 month segment this round! August brought vacay in florida, school starting for my little (let me grab a tissue real quick, I'm not ready!!) and getting into a routine... Here's some of my favvv things! PS- I realize these aren't the most ARTSY pics buutt they're real life. So there's that at least ;) 

1. Sway bikini tops: These tops are SO flattering. I've got a little bit of a mom bod (stretch marks and tummy fluff - hate if you want but you won't kill my vibe), I rock it, I'm not ashamed. I still get in a bikini, I still go to the pool/lake and get my tan on but I won't do it in a skimpy bikini; tasteful is key! I haven't loved this years swim suit trend; swim suits with sleeves, really??? Who wants that kind of tan line!? Not I. I searched high and low for a couple new tops this year. Ordering online would have been easier, yes, but I can't do it. My body type + my lack of boobs = awkward swim top fittings. I found these 3 tops all at local places that I don't think about much; Kohls (Hawaiian) & Macys (Black- strapless is sold out but these are similar!) JCPenny (turquoise and pink with sweetheart line)! I'm also a bit of a tan line freak, so most of the time I want strapless tops! Or at least the ability to go strapless which all of these had! yay!  Plus they were all under $20 a piece-- Score!!! 

2. Fair Week: I grew up going to the fair. Every year, it was something I looked forward to. We always went as a family, listened to music, saw the animals, rode some rides and ATE! Fair food is the best! The pound(s)-no shame- gained were totally worth it, not even mad. Bry now looks forward to this week the same as I do. We usually go to the WYCO fair too but we were out of town this year so the LV fair is where we got our fix! It was a fun filled 3 nights of fair full of fun food and friends!

3. City Market Dates: I looove our city market. It's such a fun place to gather up some fresh veggies and fruit, try new food, get some local wild flowers & support local businesses! Plus it's family friendly, so you really cant go wrong in however you decide to enjoy it! :) 

4. Liquid eye liner: I haven't worn this stuff in nearly a year -- eye lash extensions - holllaaa! However, I use it nearly 100% of the time when I style. I found this stuff at Target and it's amazing... the best lines, the easiest lines, application is smooth, dries quickly, it's a mature black color and it's $3. Go buy one, you can never go wrong with having this as a staple in your makeup bag! you're welcome! 

5. Travel: New Smyrna Beach, Flordia: I completely recommend vacationing/traveling. It's good for the soul! Just a week ago I was sitting beach side and I LOVED IT! So did my little girl. This part of Florida is SO cute, not overly touristy, the ocean is literally RIGHT. THERE and fresh seafood, paired with amazing rum runners & a couple of fun ice cream places always makes for a perfect combo! We love everything about the beach and can't wait to go back next year- we're thinking of incorporating Disney World too. Orlando is only 50 min drive, so why not!? 

6. Purses: I'm ready for fall. I wasn't totally ready before Florida because I didn't wanna get in the mind set of over-sized sweaters & boots but now that I'm home, I'm ready! Bring on everything fall!! Including classic black hand bags! I realize you can carry these all through the year, that's what's so great about them. However, I prefer to carry more fun/ bright colors through spring/summer. While in FL we popped in the Michael Kors store and I just couldn't resist this beauty! It's versatile in that you can carry as a cross body or as a handbag, black in color with the super cute gold accents and it's roomy! Plus has a one year warranty with MK so you can't beat that!