Tan Tar A : Girls Trip

This past Memorial day weekend was our 2nd annual girls trip to Lake of the Ozarks. My girlfriend Tiffany, myself and our girls all loaded up on Friday morning and headed down. Our husbands are on a 10 day guy's fishing trip, kid free I might add (I'm not bitter, not at all)! Their's is an annual trip as well. Last year we did a quick turn around road trip and it was a blast so this year we decided to make it more than just 2 days. I really can't say enough good things about Tan Tar A; kids or no kids, even if there's an age gap in between them, it's perfect for you! {Let me just say now these pics are straight iphone pics, I didn't get very artsy with them - we were too busy having fun - insert winky face emoji}


 They have MULTIPLE pool options. The first one is the main pool, complete with bar (I may have had a few frozen drinks or 8). Next is the hot tub area, then the slide area {best part of this is they allow the kids to sit on adults laps to ride down, B always wants me to go with her & that's never allowed but here it is!}, then there's the little kid water park where it's just sprinklers and such to run through. They have a pool up top that's a little more chill, no bar though (we spent zero time here, can you blame us??). Then there's the indoor water park (we didn't do this because the weather was mostly nice and it costs a little extra). They have an indoor smaller pool that's free if there's a need too. Lastly, the LAKE (sand beach area accessible)- Natures pool - lol. You can rent boats, see doos, wave runners and paddle boats too! 


I thought this was genius. They did little contests all day long on both Saturday and Sunday. Bomb pop eating contest, watermelon eating contest, bubble gum blowing contest, hoola hoop contest & more! Adults and kids could join in! Not to brag but my little won her age group for biggest bubble gum bubble! {woot!} They also had .25 ice cream from an ice cream truck, a DJ & a grill going so hot dogs and cheeseburgers were available pool side. Plus fireworks at night. We opted to take the cruise on a yacht and watch from the water - it was nice! They also have mini golf, an indoor bowling alley, a play ground outside and horse back riding available! 


Tan Tar A has 3 restaurants onsite. We ate the breakfast buffet there but ventured out for dinners. Okay, so we found this place to eat mexican food (I pretty much went rouge on the diet this weekend - oopps!); Taqueria La Tapatia. At first I was hesitant but after ordering and eating - totally recommend it. Tiff and her girls LOVED it too. Authentic mexican food, fairly priced and DELISH! Kind of cool too because it was small walk up stand complete with a small indoor seating area but better outside! About an 8 minute drive from the resort. The other place I absolutely loved eating at (we went twice) is the Wobbly Boot, so freakin' good and again about 8 minute drive! Get the cheesy corn, order a rum runner & relax! 

Overall we had so much fun!! We're looking forward to returning next year and having more adventures! Have a great rest of this short week! Emily.