Summer Time Face

You know what one of my favorite things about summer is?! Bare faced days!! You'll rarely catch me without make-up on. Part of it is my uneven skin tone and the other part is I really enjoy wearing make-up. However, during the summer, I'll indulge in being make-upless every once in a while ... like this week. I haven't worn more than brows, bronzer & lip balm. What can I say?! I'm taking full advantage of the rays I caught over the weekend. 

I still want to look put together, my lashes really do that (shout out to mah lady - Lashed By Alex). I still have to fill in my brows, unfortunately I don't have naturally awesome eyebrows - boo. So I use my brow powder to fill in gently. I also use pure hyaluronic acid every night before bed. This plumps and hydrates intensely - put it in your amazon cart right, meow [$10]. You won't be sorry. Summer skin can get so dry and flaky so quickly so hydrate your skin to allow it to glow! I also add bronzer/highlighter to my cheek bones, bridge of my nose and just above my lip. Enhances my summer glow 10xs over. Last step; a nude gloss. I'm loving this Boxum plumping gloss, in shimmering cloud

Go out confidently in your own skin!! Happy Friday y'all! -Emily