I'm always looking for ways to save money. I'd imagine I'm not the only one (hello shopping problem)! Sometimes, there just ISN'T a way to get around it, sometimes there just ISN'T a dupe, or an alternative, sometimes the name brand really is the best! If you ask my husband pop tarts fall into this category. I came home with off brand pop tarts one time thinking "woohoo! Saved two dolla's there". He was not pleased and informed me, the name brand is the only way to go. However, there are TONS of products, not just make-up that have a "cheaper" twin out there! A girlfriend of mine and I were chatting, talking about blogs and who we follow etc (because what else do girls talk about??) and she was like I'd read a weekly segment on dupes - light bulb! I can do that! So I'm going to TRY to do this weekly, I make no promises people because well... LIFE. 

Here's Round 1.... Beauty Blenders: Silicone and Sponge. 

Most of us are probably using these in one form or another. You may use it to apply foundation, contour, bake or all of the above. I use mine primarily for contouring. These little sponges can be pricey. I go through them pretty quick too, with all the faces I see in a month I toss blenders every 2-3 months. Even with cleaning them they just get tore up. So if I were to purchase these at sephora, ulta, even amazon - they'd add up quick! From left to right; $16 - $18 - $16

Lucky for me I've found other places to purchase these bad boys! Tj Maxx {in store} - bless you TJ - always has at least 2-3 different shaped blenders for you to choose from. My faves have the tapered end at a point for blending & getting those corner places on the face.  They also have the thinner blenders, if you don't like the thicker sponge ones. Now as for the silicone ones, I've seen these anywhere from $9.99-$25! I was strolling through wal-mart and it dawned on me that maybe the shoe area would have something that worked like the silicone one (my mind works in weird ways sometimes). They actually had the blenders back there for $2.99. Serving as both make-up blenders and heel cushions! lol!  Check out my FIRST EVER video review below! From left to right TJ Maxx $3.99 - Walmart $2.99 - walgreens $4.99