April Favsss

The months are literally flying by. I looked at the calendar on Monday was like oh, I need to write my favs blog next week. Negative Em, next week is MAY! Hoooooww can that be?! Blah, I'm not summer ready but that's a convo for another day. Annyywhoo-- I was front porch sittin' last night thinking of my current favorite things and I've got a little list going so here you go! 

1. Halo Top Ice Cream: Taking note from the before mentioned "summer ready", I have been doing Paleo with my hubs for 3 weeks now. Let me tell you, the caveman missed out on some delish things like French Silk Pie - how I miss pie. It's going pretty good though and I'm seeing results so that's keeping me goin'. However, I have a crippling sweet tooth. I've NEVER been good at diets because I just can't give up my peanut butter M&M's & ice cream, until now. I have found an ice cream that allows me to have a couple spoon fulls a night and not feel like I'm completely undoing my day. Halo Top is high in protein (woop!), low in sugar and calories-240-320 a pint- (even bigger woop!) and tastes delish! I really like the mint chip & the chocolate chip cookie dough. I have found mine at my local target (2 for $8 this week - holllaaa!) and my local Wal-mart. Give it go! 

2. Grace Not Perfection: I'm not a big book reader. I'm more of a scroll-through-FB-articles and read-my-fav-blog's- kind of reader. Lately though, I find myself needing a break from my phone. To be completely honest, I picked up this book not because someone said I should read it but because the title spoke to me & the cover was pretty. Turns out, it's a wonderful read. If you're a busy mom who never feels like she never does enough but can't possibly understand how she can do more, this would be right up your ally. There's times where it asks you stop and take notes; makes you think a little deeper. Warning: you may cry. I did, several times. Bet you can't guess where I got my copy?! Target! 

3. Tarteist Pro Amazonian clay Palette: I have bought numerous palettes lately (shhhh, don't tell my husband)! I haven't been displeased with ANY of them! The Tarte brand just never seems to fail. I had done a giveaway a few months back with my lash lady and we gave away a Tarte Pro palette and ever since then, I've wanted one. So I treated myself and I'm SO glad I did. You'll find matte's and a few shimmers in this palette. The colors will work for any skin tone & that's a huge plus for me when buying palettes, that I can use them while styling! All are highly pigmented and blend beautifully! Sephora, Ulta and Tarte.com are all places for purchase!

4. Zote Soap: SUPER random thing to me on my favorites list, I know. How much $$ do you spend on brush cleaning sprays and pads and wipes?? I can tell you, I'd spend $25+ a month on those items, especially during high volume wedding seasons (good hygenic practices are a must for me)! I have a lot of brushes too so I know that's not an average number but doesn't $2.00 sound better?? That's what one bar of this soap costs. A $1.67 at home depot to be exact but after tax, you get it. I use this bar to clean my brushes and beauty blenders and it works like magic! Best part is, the two main ingredients are tallow and coconut oil, so it won't harm your skin! You won't go through a whole bar in one sitting, should last 4-6 cleanings depending on number of brushes. Give it a try, let me know what you think! 

April showers bring MAY flowers.... I'm ready to see those pretty blooms! -- Em