I Heart You Dry Conditioner

Remember when dry shampoo was the newest thing? Everyone around you was going on and on about how great dry shampoo was. You searched high and low for the right one to use. One that didn't leave you more greasy, one that didn't smell disgusting/sour, one that WORKED with your hair type! When you found it, you bought 4 cans, just in case of a discontinuance or zombie apocalypses, right?? I am getting that feeling all over again for Dry Conditioner!! I picked up a can of the Amika Silken Up Dry Conditioner a few weeks ago and let me tell you, I'm lovin' it!! It's safe on color treated hair (praise) and is sulfate and paraben free! This stuff really prolongs the bounce and shine in my hair in between washes. Since my hair is naturally curly,  I have to apply heat daily if I straighten. I can spray in some of this dry conditioner and it moisturizes my ends, perking them right up! The other great thing I've noticed is A LOT less frizz and static; depending on the season I can really struggle with those two things! Plus, it smells amazing!! I would totes recommend giving this product a try! I can't wait to try more from the Amika line. 

I picked up my can at a salon here in downtown Tongie; The Beauty Bar. If you're local, go see them! 

The picture on the left is straight out of bed, you can see my ends are dry and ragged looking. 

The picture on the right is after heat (straighter on 300 degrees) and a couple sprays of the dry conditioner!