February - A Few of My Favorite Things

It's February! When did that happen?! Crazy town. So I realize I'm a month late into the year, but seriously January went by so quick!! I want to do a monthly favorite piece, featuring a few of my favorite current things. There may be 2, there may be 7. Guess we'll just have to see! ;)

SO my February Faves:

Bath Table + Bath Bombs + Wine.

I mean don't you want to quit everything you're doing right now and go get in the bath tub!? I do. The table is hand crafted & designed to each individual specifications. You have your choice of dark or light wood too. Best of all, there's a wine slot for the stem of your wine glass to chill in! You'll be able to order them on Etsy from the Wheat State Studio, but until then you can message owner Kimmy here

My Fav bath bombs are from LUSH. Once you try one, you can't go back. They're addicting. A bath without one hardly seems worth it! ha! There's such an array of options. You can get bombs with all kinds of different smells and benefits. Most of them turn your bath water colors so thats fun & some release lotions & sparkles into it. There's even bubble bombs and shower bombs (online only). Each bomb leaves your skin silky smooth & leaves you feeling super relaxed!






Wine; I am no connoisseur, I have a couple friends that drink all these fancy wines; reds and whites and are well versed {My sista Sarah is pictured and falls into this category}. I'm over here like what's sweet & bubbly?! I get severe heartburn with anything that's too dry so I stay away from those. However ask me about Moscato and I am your girl! My go to wine is the Cupcake DiAsti; sweet, bubbly & goes down smooth. One of my current favorite wineries to hit up is Cooper Hawk It's located at the country club plaza. Great atmosphere, yummy food& best of all $7.00 tastings! Great for girls afternoons & birthday celebrations {both of which are pictured} You're sure to find something you love! My favorite Coopers Hawk wine is the Sweet Red Sparkling wine. So good!

Those are just a few of my favorite things...... Happy February!