A Fine Collaboration

You know those conversations that you have about things you want to do; things that get put on the "someday" list but usually just end up being conversation pieces for years to come. Very rarely do you put action to those things, you wish you could or did or would - I know I have several things on my list this year! These ladies did it. They talked, they planned and they took action. They've created a super trendy studio space {A Fine Fete} in the heart of KC; the perfect location with plenty of adorable accents and open space. I got the pleasure of hanging with these ladies Saturday and styling them for their head shots! These women are fierce go getters & were an absolute pleasure to work with! I can't wait to see what's in store for them. They're open house is coming up; the First Fridays weekend in April. I'll be there & you should be there too!

Aren't they glowing!? Their styles all paried so nicely together!

Aren't they glowing!? Their styles all paried so nicely together!

As far as styling goes, these ladies were prepared. They had their pinterest boards ready and a cute little inspo wall full of what they had in mind......

Meet Lilly. Lilly owns Love Letter Studios. She is a calligraphy wizard; all her stuff is gorgeous! Be sure to check her out on IG!

Meet Reagan. Reagan has an event planning business. She wants to make all your wedding/event dreams come true! She's unique and original in her planning; just check out her IG feed!

Meet Leigh. Leigh is a local photographer & a friend of mine. She is amazing at what she does! Leigh travels too! You can see all the prettiness on her IG too! Be sure to follow her!

Thank you for pairing with me ladies!! I loved spending Saturday morning with you & can't wait to see what's in store for the future!! Much Love!