New Year, New You.

New years brings so many good feelings. It's a time to look back on the past year and learn to love from it. 2016 brought so many wonderful things to my life, along with a few heart aches. For me, it will always be the year that my business blossomed into something I never could have imagined. My styling took off and I couldn't be more proud of the year I had. I've set new goals for 2017, of course, who didn't right!? One of my 2017 goals is to be as confident in myself as I am in my clients. I build people up & I surround myself with folks that do the same for me but come on, we are our own worst critic. So this year I vow to be more confident; something I strive to bring out in my clients. 

Jordan stepped out of her comfort zone for this Bare shoot (there's that scary word again). She has struggled with seeing herself as the beautiful lady she is. She did this shoot for herself. Something we all should do more of; doing something for ourselves, to make ourselves feel good (hmm, time to add to that goal list)! Everything about this style was amazing, including the killer head dress she brought! I fell in looovvee with it! We put some clip in extentions in, which you'd never know looking at her (always the goal with extensions), and I used my straightener to add some bounce. I went for a smokey eye, using my Lorac Pro palette. A bold lip for a little something extra - she looked fierce!! 

Jordan, I am so proud of you for doing something just for you. For doing something that brought out the confident side of you and for doing something I hope you cherish forever. We'll see you again I am sure!