That's Such a Scary Word...

What came to mind with that title? What word scares you? For a lot of women the word BARE scares them; does it scare you? Does it make you nervous? Do you immediately start putting down anything and everything that could fit into that description?  Why do we do that?! I do it too and I catch myself trying not to but it's SO hard! I get it. But ladies, it's time. It's to embrace that word!! BARE it all, feel great about yourself, feel strong, feel sexy. All while being as BARE as you'd like to be.... Bare sessions are some of my favorite to style; you see confidence come alive in people. It's pretty amazing. 

Jessica, was a WINNER of a free Bare session Kelley & I did together and she rocked it. I love the subtle curls we did on her hair and I even threw it up in a messy bun for an outfit. The stocking caps were a must! They fit our "theme" for the shoot perfectly!  Her blue eyes just popped with a combo of golds and charcoals on her eyes! 

Jessica, I loved this shoot & style. You are an inspiration; keep on doing what you do gorgeous!