OMG: I love your curly hair

Omg, I love your curly hair.... Really?? You can have it! haha! My auto response when someone tells me they love my natural curls. If you have them you hate them and if you don't got em', you want them - right?? In the last 2 years I have really started to embrace my natural curls - I mean might as well! 

I started using Mane N' Tail shampoo/conditioner... game changer! My hair was wild, frizzy; my curls were un-tamable and laid limp on the ends most of the time. So like everyone else that ever needs anything I took to Face book for a poll post and pinterest for hair tips. I stumbled upon Mane N' tail, giggled at the idea & then bought it immediately. Price point isn't bank breaking & it comes in bigger bottles. I love it! It's my current shampoo - go to! I also started using their leave in conditioner to strengthen my hair & in just a couple days I could see the difference in my pick... less hair! 

The other thing with my natural curls is, I rarely truly brush my hair I use a pick (old school!) 99% of the time. When I do brush, like if I know I'm going to straighten or something I use a wet brush. Girl moms- you need this for your littles too!! 

Mousse choice is nothing fancy, but I really like it. Herbal Essences body envy; it doesn't make my curls crunchy or make my hair still look wet 5 hours later. It smells amazing too! I just use about a walnut sized amount, rub my hands together, flip my hair over, start at the bottom of my hair and work my hands up. using running and crunching my hands through my hair.

Lastly, for just a little extra somethin- somethin, right after I apply my mouse (hair still flipped over). I'll put my hair dryer (with diffuser ON and on cool/med heat) & blow just a little air at the roots of my hair. 

Hair color by Sarah Moiser at Studio L