Baby It's Cold Outside

YAY!! It's finally getting cold! I was SO ready for it to be chilly out. I was more than OVER the 70 degree days. The only thing about the cold is that my skin cries, is yours too? That wind and the cold, can be super harsh on our skin. What can you do?? What do you use? Where can you buy it? Keep your skin looking and feeling "warm" this Winter! 

Moisturize, it's a MUST! For my face these are my ride or dies; Clinique Moisture Surge & Clinique Dramatically Different. These are oil- free, aloe based, hypoallergenic options! Stay away from any moisturizer that are petroleum based; in some cases these can further dry out your skin. The Moisture Surge is pink and you don't have to use hardly ANY. Like the travel size lasts me a good 30-60 days. The  Dramatically different is yellow, I swear my mom and my aunt have never used anything else on their face. I still remember the bottle from when I was like 9 begging my mom to use some. I catch myself saying the same things to my little "this is mommys good stuff".... funny how some things are just timeless! You can find both of these items at your local macy's or dillards. Best part is if you wait till they have their bonus gift going on, you'll get a bunch of other freebies with your lotion purchase! Order online at and get 15% off your first purchase!

Keep you face clean. Every time I hear someone say "oh I never wash my face", "I sleep in my makeup all the time". Are you kidding?! ((Sorry if you are one of those)). Keeping your face clean can keep it from getting dried out & free of blemishes. Make-up is a warden to moisture, keeps the good out and the bad in. The other trick in winter is to change up your cleanser. Some cleansers have glycolic or salicylic acids in them While these do clean your face really well, rotate them out with a more hydrating cleanser like CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser, found at Target (yay!). I've been using this everyday and only using my charcoal based cleansers (extremely drying when used frequently) once a week. 

Drink Water! H20 is a game changer in not only your skin, in every aspect. Trying to lose weight drink water, trying to detox drink water, trying to keep your skin radiant (year round), drink water. I keep a yeti at my desk because if I don't have a straw and it's not cold, I know I won't drink it.So know yourself; know what you need to keep up your daily intake of water! 

And lastly, wear super cute winter attire! haha! Just to a name a few of my favorite winter accessories. This Fur ear warmer is at the top of the list currently. Everything fur is the hot ticket item this winter but I just love this! The color is generic, it's furry & guess where I found it?! You got it - Target. For a completely affordable price of $14.99! I'm also really digging these gloves. Are the cutest things you've ever seen? eh, probs not. Are they most practical and warm? YES. They have the smart touch/E-Tip finger, so you can wear your gloves & use your phone at the same time. And my final warmth purchase, this scarf. The cable knit is so cozy! I don't go to Old Navy for much, but this time of year you can find me grabbing 2-3 new colors of this pretty little number!  

Embrace the chill, wear cute things & take care of your skin! Happy Winter!