This is 29.

My birthday was this past weekend. Normally, I’m all about the celebration of ANYTHING. I’m always eager to celebrate others and their accomplishments. I’m all about the song for the birthday girl/guy, the going away parties, the dinners, the showers, etc. Rarely though, do I get super excited about celebrating me. I don’t mind the attention, I’m not shy. I don’t get embarrassed by having to wear a sombrero or being asked to stand up. So why do I have such a hard time planning and enjoying celebrations for myself?

I think it’s because I don’t think of myself as being worthy. I never find my accomplishments to be anything special. Which is CRAZY TALK. SO I’m done with that. From here on out, I will celebrate me! I’m going to be 30; I deserve to feel special, I deserve to feel proud & damn it, I AM! If you struggle with this too, start today. Celebrate YOU!

I made a list. A Thirty, before 30 list. It’s filled with things that are important to me. Some are silly, some are slightly vein, some are going to be tough to reach but isn’t that the point of goals? I debated sharing, for fear of …. I don’t even know what I’m scared of. Fear of being judged? Fear of being exposed? Can’t even put my finger on it. I chose to share because saying the goals out loud, writing them down gives me just a tad more accountability.

  1. Travel to Italy/Greece

  2. Do a 5K (or 2)

  3. House renovations: floors, deck, new living room furniture, appliances, cabinets, counter tops, shop floor, laundry room update, paint bedrooms. Expand my knowledge of how to do some of these things.

  4. Travel to South Carolina to see my brother with Sarah

  5. Pay off my student loan

  6. Buy a new car (new to me anyway)

  7. Clean out my closet 100% and have it better organized (I mean, pull out EVERY piece of clothing I own and purge, organize with bins and everything)

  8. Book 25 weddings (I’m 9 weddings into my goal already) + 1 destination wedding

  9. Lose 30 pounds

  10. Print each years family pictures, put them in frames, get them on gallery wall. (we take them every year with Kelley and I print small little ones but I want like nice big ones)

  11. Volunteer with Brylee (we donate toys but I want us to have hands on experience)

  12. Plan 5 trips to see the Hansens in TX

  13. Eat at 10 new restaurants

  14. Micro blade eyebrows

  15. Take Brylee to Disney world with Scott

  16. Hit the next level at work

  17. Take a weekend for just Scott and I. (This could be a him & I trip or just a weekend with nothing on the books enjoying our home)

  18. Plan 30th birthday party to be what I want and not worry about pleasing everyone else (lawd, this will tough haha)

  19. Watch a movie at the theater with Scott (we’ve NEVER been to the movies together! lol!)

  20. Save $5,000

  21. Write two thank you/thinking of you cards a month

  22. 1 random act of kindness/pay it forward once a month

  23. Watch 3 movies I’ve never seen… Hocus Pocus, Beaches & Thelma and Louise (I know, I know…. shocking right??)

  24. See 5 new waterfalls (my favorite thing to visit when traveling)

  25. Get a Brazilian Wax

    26. Complete my station in studio; do 3 themed bare shoots with Kelley (we’ve got a couple ideas floating around, super exciting!!) Continue to build my blog as well.

    27. Invest in my family relationships & friendships. Have healthy connections. continue to build strong bonds. make an effort to see everyone more.

    28. Sunday family dinners, every other Sunday.

    29. Organize my card collection (I keep all the cards people write to me, currently they’re just a pile, I’d like to have them be more accessible)

    30. Forgive myself more. Don’t yes to everyone and everything. Give myself grace, count my blessings, spend the year falling back in love with myself.

There it is. I’ll do updates through out the year! Have you made a list like this? I’d love to hear what’s on yours!