The Paisley Peony Giveaway

The winner of the earrings from Hodges Little Shop has been announced- yay! Isn’t this the best way to go into 2019?! 

Now time for round two!!


The next giveaway is a $20 personalized item from The Paisley Peony! Kelli has been running this little side gig for a while now & she’s become super popular!! She can personalize anything & everything. From tumblers, flour sack towels, shirts & even onesies. Every year at the start of the school year, I have a special shirt made for my little girl from Kelli.  The best thing about Kelli is she tries to accommodate all time lines (within reason of course). She’s the sweetest gal to work with; be sure to check her out on Instagram and Facebook! 

Heres some examples for her fab work!