Courtwarming Season

Hey Babes -- it's been a while. A long while. 

I have a couple styles to share with you but before getting into all of that. I have been slightly absent in my blogging. Partly because I haven't been making time for it (honesty), and mostly because I have no idea where I want to go with my blog. What do YOU want to see more of? Only styles? Lifestyle? What I'm wearing/products/videos tutorials? SHARE - Tell me what you want to see / what you enjoy getting out of the blogs you read. You're busy too, I want you to want to read what's posted here. There's SO many avenues. Forgive me while I sort out where I want this to go. 

Pretty faces are something you can ALWAYS count on seeing here - lots of pretty faces. This court warming season is over; boo. For some of my regular girls this means we only have ONE more dance together as they graduate this spring - tear. Can't wait for Prom season - it'll be a FULL day, but so much fun! This years trend; volume curls & a little more subtle eyes with a killer contour & glow!