The Truth

Yesterday I was chatting with a client of mine about her upcoming wedding. We were discussing schedules, details, times, ideas and everything in between. She said the funniest thing, I literally laughed out loud at her comment. "Girl, you just have it all together! You're just so on top of things. You & your life just seems so perfect. How do you do it? I really hope that someday I keep my shit together the way you do. Thank you for being awesome!"................ I didn't even know how to reply. 

 I'd love to sit here and tell you I have all my calendars in sync, my kids lunches are packed with perfectly balanced meals, I'm never late, my closet is color co-coordinated. I'd love it if I could say, my house is spotless and so is my car, my house is decorated in the perfect mix of farm house chic & pumpkins. We eat a made from scratch meal at 6:00, as a family, every night and the dishes are done immediately after... I could go on and on at the things I WISH I could say are true. 

Time for some truth: I do not have my shit together. My life is not perfect. 

Is it wrong that I was flattered that my life looks that way from the outside in?? Like, I WISH my life was perfect (eh, kinda at least, I'd go for the pumpkins and clean kitchen). Funny how everything has a different perspective depending on which side of the glass you're standing on.

Another truth: I love how imperfect my life is. It's not the life for everyone.

If you're a clean freak, you can't ride in my car. If you're a person who's always 10 minutes early, you're going to hate me because unless it's a style, I'm usually a solid 7-16 minutes behind schedule (sorry husband, he falls in the early category). If you can't handle the fact that I may dress up for dinner but put on sweats for the movie afterwards, we can't be friends (I mean we can but I'll be in comfy sweatpants while you hate your life in jeans, don't worry, I'll share my sweats with you). My life is CHAOS and I only have one little person to tote around (hooooww do people have more than one kid?! Kuddo's super moms)! Sometimes, I don't have time to shower, sometimes my kid wears the same socks 2 days in a row and sometimes my husband is left to dry off with a wash rag after showering because I forgot to switch over the towels. My schedule is overly full because I can never say no. I never want to disappoint, I never want to let anyone down. Sometimes we eat cereal for dinner, sometimes I forget to get bread for my kids lunches so I have to text my neighbors! My life is not perfect, sometimes my life is really hard & sometimes it's really easy (praise the lord for those days). But this is the life I have been working towards, this is the life I am thankful for. This is the life I want. Even with all it's imperfections. 

The point of this post is that even though you may think someone's life is perfect and find yourself comparing, wishing for someone else's life; don't. Love your life, love who you are and what you do. No one's life is perfect & if they tell you it is, they are full of shit. 

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