Ethan & Brooklyn - Engaged

These two people are near and dear to my heart. Ethan is my cousin and he is marrying the love of his life this coming May. Ethan and I have grown up together (obvs, we're fam!), there's 3 years in between us. His sister, Liv, has been a built in best friend since the get go. Our family is odd (HA, I say that like we're the only weird family) in that we can literally go MONTHS without seeing each other and pick up right where we left off. We never skip a beat. Like most families, we've endured some hard times but we've also had A LOT of FUN times. I know without a doubt this wedding is going to be amazing. I was asked to style both this engagement session and the wedding -- I am THRILLED. My little red head gets to be a flower girl too - she's puuuumped! 

Brooklyn - thank you for choosing me. Thank you for trusting me. You are going to make such a gorgeous bride. I simply can not wait. So happy the festivities have officially kicked off! Starting with this engagement session! Photos by Jen Kalmm Photography.

Ethan engage.jpg
ethan engage2.jpg