THIS for THAT - #2

Hello there! Onto round 2 of THIS for THAT - 2 weeks in a row - woop! haha. It's the little things... 

So I have been eyeing a couple different pairs of blush colored shoes; they're so cute right?? Blush has certainly made it's come back this year! I'm loving the slip on style but 2 things have held me back from purchasing. 1: can I pull them off?? Rarely do I worry about this, I like to be a little to the left but the thought still crosses my mind here and there. 2: Do I really want to spend big money for them? Will I wear them often enough to get the return?? If I'm spending money on something, I plan to wear it. Like boots, I have no problem spending a little extra for fun, unique, styles! Slides though.... ehhh... From left to right: $60.00 - $50.00 -  $75.00

This weekend was a busy one. Saturday I had a wedding to style first thing, then onto a birthday party for one of my daughters besties, then we capped the night with the Garth Brooks Concert (which was ahhh-mazing by the way)! So Sunday, I was looking forward to a chill day. Bry and I decided to do some shopping so we hit up Target first (shocking right??). We always hit the dollar hot spot first to see what kind of goodies we can find then we strolled to the shoes. Guess what I found?!??! BLUSH SLIDES! They're nearly an exact match to the Steve Madden ones I had been pawing at the longest (pictured above, first pair). Guess what, again??? They were only $24.99 - eeee!! Last guess what ..... all women's shoes were buy one, get a 2nd pair at 60% OFF! This is why I love Target. So not only did I score my new Blush slides for HALF of what I was going to pay at Macy's, I also got a SUPER cute pair of rose gold sandals for $7! I was pretty excited to rock these bad boys today! Target: $24.99