THIS for THAT #4

At it again.... 

I LOVE a good statement necklace! They can easily be the glue to an entire outfit. I have the chest of a 10 year old boy (let's take note of this for when we talk swim suits), for whatever reason I feel like wearing a big ole necklace takes away some of the boob pressure. Like "Hey babe, I don't have any boobs but look at this bangin' necklace". HAHA! My husband likes the uniqueness of them too. When shopping for them though, I always go with something somewhat generic because $30+ each on necklaces isn't always in the budget! Again, not that I don't treat myself here in there! My favorite place to find gorgeous statement necklaces is Francesca's and Nordstrom. From left to right: $68 - $38 - $37.90

A few weeks ago I had to run into Walmart (more of a Target girl, obvi) and the set up at the front of the store caught my eye. I ventured over and quickly found some super fun statement necklaces! I just couldn't resist and at $7-$12, you couldn't either!! I picked up a couple necklaces for $7 and found adorable earring for $4. Now, there is a notable difference in quality. Just a little more cheaply made. But these babies will be perfect for travel! I hate taking my more pricier items since you run the risk of damage/tangling etc but I also hate to be without (first world problems) so now I can just take these gems! We're headed to the lake for this coming long weekend so I'm sure you'll see me sporting the necklaces a time or two!