She Gorg!

A while back Kelley and I did a day of Bare Sessions; it was much fun! I totally think every woman should do one. Even if it's not for that special person their life. Forget them! Do it for yourself! Before you say anything , like: where's yours Em? I'm working on it. I have a floating date set with Kelley for this spring/summer - I'm excited!! Anyway, so the day we did this past fall was great, all the ladies were perfect. I have been waiting to share this style because she was giving it as a gift, so no spoilers! Hayley is one of those people you love to hate. She is so sweet so you love her but so pretty you hate her. haha! Much Love Hals. She looks awesome in everything, too! Just look at these choices for her bare session so much zest! She Gorg! 

Hayley - I am SOOO bummed I can't style your wedding (I'm already booked for her date, in 2018!). However, I am so glad I was able to do this shoot for you and I'm sure there will be many more makeup and hair doing's in our future! I love styling you! I love that you're always down for whatever, you let me just go for it! This cooper eye we did in the bare session was perfection. It worked for every outfit, the color made the blue in your eyes pop too! Of course, your hair always has the best bounce in your curls! Overall girl you just kill sessions! See you soon!! xox!

Photos by the stunning Kelley Photo & Design